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✅ Bên trong flycam MJX BUGS 3 Pro có gì ?

1 siêu phẩm tầm trung mới nhất đến từ hãng sản xuất rất nổi tiếng MJX

Hãy cùng Linhkienrc mổ bụng xem bên trong flycam BUGS 3 Pro có những gì nhé.

Đón xem clip độ gimbal ở kênh Linh Kiện RC ở các clip tiếp theo

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17 thoughts on “✅ Bên trong flycam MJX BUGS 3 Pro có gì ?

  1. Ad cho mình hỏi con này khi bật returntohome là nó hạ cánh luôn là do lỗi gps hay do thiết lập sai chổ nào mong ad trả lời

  2. con này gánh gopro 6 cũng bị rụng, nó rụng 1 cách từ từ giống lúc hết pin nhưng không thể bay lên đc 🙁

  3. Not goodYour putting a review and telling people they have great drones. They are not a fair company. Send you a free drone so you can sell for them. But the drone have a mind of their own. Don't buy MJX. They don't stand behind the products they sell but give the review a free one to sell for them.

  4. How would you like lossing your dog old age131/2 years 28 years tattooing and can't do nothing from being disabled hurting my daughter bought me bugs 3h to get me from depression after from china 3 weeks later I got a smashed box and but the drone flew nice in the house 17 mins fly sat down battery low. Waited for nice day. Three days later. And I live near a airport in runway. Area. I flew planes and choppers and cars trucks boats. Build all my life. Got family all around. Had my gopro on it. 400.00 and did all cal, and I was flying it 5 foot, then I spun it around and took picture. Turned it back around. And only wanted 20to25 feet and it sat at 25 feet, then it just took off fast strait up and out of sight, I would have never flown 75 feet around here. But it went way beyond the ceiling 400 feet. And no beeps. I never found it. I looked for 4 days and if it was broke I would have fixed it. But never seen it. All I know is people are saying that they are toys( wrong show me a toy that can cut and mame. And kill something.) This is a hobbiest drone not a toy. But yet the MJX sells and markets it like that. Because toys don't hurt peoole.. This bugs was the most dangerous toy I have ever known. Anyone that flys will tell you if you get hit your hurt.

  5. con này không gánh được gimbal đâu, tui đã thử, cacsc ông bay một lúc nó cứ rơi xuống, kéo cần lên cũng không được

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