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Castle area
An area centered around Shiratori Castle.
The monorail is easily accessible to Shirotori Castle towering on the mountaintop.
You can ride the monorail with an admission ticket.
There are free entrance areas “Welcome House Swan” and “Rainbow House” at the base of Shiratori Castle, souvenirs and restaurants.
Recommended spot! !
“Shirotori Castle”
Reproduces Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, which is said to be the most beautiful in the world, on a 2/3 scale.
The castle is barrier-free and can be visited by wheelchair users.
To Shiratori Castle, about 3 minutes by monorail starting from the side of Welcome House Swan. Please rest assured that you can also ride the wheelchair and stroller.
Currently, “Reaction Art” is being held in the castle! Please bring a camera and take interesting pictures!
You can ride up to 80 people. Both the top and bottom run every 20 minutes.
Please check the timetable.

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