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[런닝맨] somebody 누군가 나를 좀 말려줘요, 화려한 오프닝 / 'Runningman' Review

🔥화려한 오프닝🔥
누군가 광수(Lee kwang soo)를 좀 말려줘요….

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49 thoughts on “[런닝맨] somebody 누군가 나를 좀 말려줘요, 화려한 오프닝 / 'Runningman' Review

  1. Watching this 1/1/2020 and wishing i could see this kind of interaction btwn male and female idols without all the drama with immature fans.

  2. Its just so sad that most of the Groups appered here had disbanded 😢,, some are inactive I think Only Apink is Active these days 😥

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