49 thoughts on “16″ MacBook Pro review: The ultimate Apple laptop

  1. No improvements on bezels.Thicker and heavier.Still have to buy adaptors after spending a fortune for a laptop!!?That is not an improvement at all for me!!!Wtf is wrong with Apple?Dell did a better job years ago.If only wasn't their OS they would be dead years ago…Yeap still with 2015 15" model.And may be forever!

  2. No card reader? No decent USB ports? Not upgradeable? expensive to fix when broken? My friend bought one of these. Ummm….. Excuse me, the keyboard compared to a thinkpad, is crap. It's slower than my work P72, and doesn't have as nice a screen as my P72, and cost over twice as much.
    Lots of glue. Expensive junk. Sorry. You want to be sucked in to this Apple Crap? Well, good luck.

  3. Hope it is the same keyboard as my late 2013 macbook pro. I was just wainting to bring normal keys back…now these look tempting again…

  4. No SD Card reader 🙁 – Front Camera still 720p 30fps 🙁 – No Touch screen or OLED display 🙁 – NO Wi-Fi 6 🙁 – T2 with the same multiple crashes in the past :(, where is the T3? – So in Conclusion let's wait for the 2020 Model. just saying…

  5. Nice vid but i have to ask. 130 grams? you can notice 130 grams in your back pack? in your words "it definitely weighed down my back pack more than before". Might have to call you out on this one. I bet my house in a blind test you wouldn't be able to pick the 16" over the 15" in your back pack.

  6. What's funny is Apple is SO FAR behind on innovation anymore that literally reverting to a 2015 keyboard somehow feels like a win for Apple fanboys. Apple does an amazing job at implementing new hardware into a well designed and slightly improved 2015 chassis, but how is it that this overpriced machine doesn't get docked for not having a standard feature in every laptop for the last 5+ years has… A touchscreen. How can a company who pioneered the touchscreen with the iPhone in 2007 somehow manage to be light years behind when it comes to their laptops? I'm sure all the MacBook lovers will be drooling over this updated hardware version of a 2015 MacBook, but I for one would rather get a Dell XPS 2 in 1 with the latest Icelake chipset every day and twice on Sunday.

  7. 4:05 more people need to realize this; not everything is for you, the consumer. Looking at you "but you can buy an iPhone for the price of that monitor stand!"

  8. Best mbp release in a long time, I don’t miss the ports, and I didn’t mind butterfly keyboard, my favorite things are the incredible gpu options, the higher ssd base amounts, the IMO super thin bezels, and the escape key. I love the Touch Bar and Touch ID, I tried the 16in in the store and I did like the keyboard better butterfly just looks nicer. I sold my 15 and can’t wait to get a 16in

  9. I understand complaints when they launched about the thunderbolt ports, but there are more usb-c cables and peripherals that bypass that problem. Many new cameras have usb-c ports, but thunderbolt 3 is a more expandable and useful port that doesn't require you to adjust to plug in correctly like usb- type a. Thunderbolt displays exist. There are even cables that are usb-c to hdmi. If you're a stickler for old i/o, each port can power i/o ports via adapter hubs. I do think that Apple jumped all in too soon, but it's a step forward. I'm surprised that usb-c didn't make its way much sooner. If people are complaining about dongles, you don't have to buy so many. You could just have one hub and another port for charging. You still need a cable to attach to your computer for external hard drives. They do have cables that have usb-c that can plug into external hard drives. Touchbar? I don't know. I still have a pre-retina 13 inch macbook pro. It's nice to be comforted by old ports, but how can we move forward if we want things to either stay the same or move backwards? Technology is always facing obsoletion, but it is better to adapt to change than wallow in the past. There are even pro cameras that don't have sd cards but compact or xqd. SD card slot was catering to some, but the thunderbolt 3 has enough power to multiply the amount of ports you could plug into the laptop. Tradeoffs and compromises, I guess.

  10. Question to anyone else who owns one. Anyone noticed audio popping when skipping YouTube videos, closing tabs while a YouTube video is playing or even scrubbing through FCP / iMovie tracks. Fine through headphones, but not through speakers

  11. Bring back the ports already, it is thick enough now.

    Take away 2 tb3 ports and give us hdmi, 2 usba, sdcard slot, digital out the headphone jack, seperate faster charging magsafe charger to keep the tb3 port free, this are the ports you took away.

    BRING THEM BACK ALREADY! (you can still use usbc to charge, if you want).

    These were the ports you took away to sell your dongles, that add weight, are easy to lose, and do not always work as advertise, with many different brands, and are there just for an additional profit purchase, after you plop down $3000 for a laptop, $350 for Apple care, which is a must etc. since Apple is against all independent repair, and has soldered everything to the mother board to make it almost impossible to repair, without a new motherboard, they do not even want independent repairs, out of warranty.

    And may use the T2 chip to brick the machines of all who try in the future.

    But most of all for security, long life, and practicality, bring back our ability to upgrade ours, not (Apple)yours, after we buy it, $2400-$6100 dollar Macbook Pro's ssd and memory ourselves, like the macbook pros and powerbooks before it.

    Stop being so GREEDY and STUBBORN!

    Only then will it be a "Pro" laptop again.

  12. This laptop didn't get much of a hype, Apple stores have more employees and security guards with no customers. I only spotted a misfit who just checked out of a sober living playing rap music with two eyes shifting in two opposite directions testing the new 16". That's what Apple has to offer in 2020.

  13. Always been confused by the fact that if 1 usb c port can handle power and multiple peripherals, what would you need 4? 2 max for a pro set up. the other 2 can be a card reader and usb A or magsafe 2 would be what pros want.

  14. what do you think? I currently have a MacBook Air and would like to have a bigger MacBook with more power. I'm not sure if I should buy a 2018 MacBook Pro 15 for a whopping $ 500 less or the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. I currently use the butterfly keyboard on my MacBook Air and I am actually very satisfied. Would like to hear a few opinions. Thank you!

  15. serious question, how big of a deal is not having WiFi 6 on board? I’d plan on having this machine for at least 5 years, and it bugs me that I won’t have the latest WiFi standards…but does it truly matter?

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