21 thoughts on “🚌SETC🚍| 🆕 Brand New MG LEERA 🤩 | Detailed REVIEW of SOLO guy | SERVICE started from today 🤙♥️🥰

  1. Enna ke TNSTC bus rombo pudikum Ana neega new bus apram Nala condition bus viedo that poduriga condition illa that bus review panuna athela irrukura korigala thiruthuvaga pls,,,, tryyy

    By TNSTC love

  2. What ever u decorate this bus .and make it look classic .TNSTC can never ever beat private buses speed .😂😂😂😂
    And what do u think this bus speed limit is fixed to .this bus has speed governor fixed to top 90kph
    Where as private bus has no speed limit

    I travelled from Chennnai to madurai in scania ac sleeper where my colleague had already boaded this setc new sleeper bus at Chennnai around 7.30 pm .

    Where my bus left at 9 20 pm . Belive me or not . I reached madurai 1.30 hours early before this setc could reach madurai

  3. Just 2-days before I came from Tuticorin to Chennai using our TNSTC newly introduced A/c sleeper bus by paying Rs.1175/- . The journey was OK. It took 12 hours, 8pm to 8am to reach Perungalathur. I slept in the lower berth and I could able to hear an unwanted sound all the time from the bottom mostly from drive shaft. Later I had realized, it is purely maintenance issue and government policy of "Use and throw" We drive the vehicle to the maximum without maintenance and then throw in to junkyard then go for a new one. what a policy!!!!!!!!

  4. தமிழக அரசே!!!!
    போக்குவரத்து கழகமே!!!
    இந்தியாவில் நீங்க மட்டும்தானா பேருந்து இயக்குறீங்களா?
    மற்ற மாநில பேருந்தில் புகைப்படம் ஒட்டிருக்கா?????

  5. பொதுவாகவே சொகுசு பேரூந்திற்க்கு 2 + 2 சீட்தானே இருக்கும். 2 + 1 சீட் இருக்கு…..?
    Very nice.

  6. In EPS change unique bus color ,In jayalalitha Amma given unique view of state transport ! why will you change that color???

  7. Better to change uniform for bus crews in to white in colour like ksrtc bus crews for premium aircondioned buses.

  8. Some drivers will not give stop over on the way for diabetic patients for frequent urination on long journeys thatswhy they are preparing trains for long time journeys. My sister felt bad for nature call while coming from vijayawada to Chennai the private omni bus didn't stop any where on the way for nature call even requested to him finally he was stopped remote place in on the way . Once happened from Hyderabad to Chennai in omni bus Chennai based transport company I have experienced with other state govt bus driver last week to Chennai finally he stopped in hotel after one hour drove.usually t.n drivers are very much kind on diabetic patient like me stopping for urgency and very much kind peoples. The management should give training to cope up with passengers for emergency conditions will happen . The commander of an aeroplane is responsible for safety of all passengers and crews of an airplane behind him after main door closed and start push back his airplane . If a passenger suffered major health problems like heart attack he has authorised to bring back airplane to nearby airport and his responsible for arrange necessary medical treatments to the passenger. Our drivers and their crew should be trained in such a way to ensure the safety of the passengerd on journey. Mostly try to avoid the bus journey for long journeys if essential cut the journey take stopover and continue your journey if you are sick .Try to choose air travel is fastest and safe since they have medical kit and physicians kit positioned in all airplanes and co passengers may be doctors would help you from your health problems and even cabin crews are trained for first aid treatment up to reach nearby airports if emergency of the passenger.

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