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Best Travel Pillows 2019 – For Cars, Planes, Trains and More!

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When it comes to travel, the more comfortable, the better. And if you actually manage to fall asleep? Well, you get to your destination even faster!

No matter what mode of transportation you use or what seat you end up in, I’ve got a travel pillow that will work for you.

Here are my top five favorite travel pillows! Links to the full review for each pillow are included as well:

0:46 – J-Pillow

This J- Shaped pillow is simple but versatile and will work well for those who have a window to lean against.

Full review here:

1:28 – Cabeau Evolution

This is a more traditional, foam, U-shaped neck pillow with plenty of extra features and a removable cover.

Full review here:

2:06 – Infinity

There are infinite ways to use this pillow while traveling. It’s easy to wash, and you can even cover your eyes and ears with it.

Full review here:

2:51 – TRTL

Small, compact, and supportive, this pillow uses a plastic internal structure to support your head and neck. It won’t fall off when you shift positions.

Full review here:

3:39- AirComfy

Here’s a more durable travel pillow with a strap to connect it to any headrest. It also features a durable cover that makes it great if you’re road tripping in the great outdoors.

Full review here:


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12 thoughts on “Best Travel Pillows 2019 – For Cars, Planes, Trains and More!

  1. I'm going to be traveling the US on foot so needless to say I'll be camping on the bare floor a lot. Any new pillows for that or any you can suggest?

  2. Just some feedback, take it or leave it 🙂

    Im not super fond of how complimentary you seem to be in all of your videos. It kind of feels like I can't trust you to tell me the truth. Pros and cons are a bit more helpful in decision making than 'here's why everything is awesome'

  3. I'm short and need support between my neck ant the too tall seats on the aircraft. Ya know…the area where the 'head' of the seat tilts forward???

  4. Just searched travel pillow that prevent forward head drop – try ComfoArray, BCOZZY and Travelon Wrap & Rest. They look like they work and review are mostly good.

  5. Great review of multiple travel pillows! One to be considered if you want to keep your head from falling forward is the Releaf travel which is like a more stylish neck brace. The only one I've found that solves the head dropping forward problem!

  6. anyone come across Cori Travel Pillow?

  7. Been watching a ton of your content recently. Great videos. I’m looking to stay under $1000. I’m 240 and I sleep mostly on my back. My gf is 140 and sleeps mostly on her side and stomach. She takes up more room than she should so I need some support on the edges of the bed. Is the BB signature medium a good choice. Also looking to maybe splurge for the Saatva luxury firm. Looks like it might be worth the extra. They dispose of my old mattress and has more coils. Is there something else that you might recommend for my situation?

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