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Buffalo Trace Bourbon Review

Buffalo Trace was the first ever whiskey Sam tried. We caught that moment on film in our first ever episode. Today, we revisit Buffalo Trace just 3 months later and see how much progress Sam has made

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23 thoughts on “Buffalo Trace Bourbon Review

  1. I love Buffalo Trace. Over a long holiday weekend me and a bud finished a bottle. We were both glad for Sunday liquor sales here!

  2. Nice review guys. BT was my introduction to bourbon and I remains on of my favorites. BTW Bobby, that's my challenge coin 110. Thanks guys cheers.

  3. Nice review! Saw you guys on the Whisky Dic live stream last night. I’m with Sam, lotsa caramel with Buffalo Trace. Cheers!

  4. Im over from Bourbon Junkies, Yall had me rolling watching your collaboration with them, at one point (Sams comment and Bobbys reply) I almost spit my bourbon on my screen….I like Buffalo Trace its easy to find its inexpensive and it taste really good.

  5. This was the video I was waiting to see. Thanks for never disappointing. I'm halfway through my bottle of BT and on the hunt for another bottle.

  6. Don't you dare call it the pumpkin spice latte of bourbon! I'll slap you so hard….who am i kidding….i'm a wuss. Still bad!

    And honestly, it's not exactly always on shelves. Been a few stretches I didn't see one for a few months.

  7. Sam has come a long way in three months. Buffalo Trace has nothing spectacular about it. It has nothing bad about it either. A good dependable daily.

  8. I am truly enjoying your reviews, Bobby & Sam! I agree that the standard Buffalo Trace is easy to drink and a great option for the price point. Just this week I was able to taste my first BT Single Barrel Select version (My friend’s store didn’t have the option of choosing the barrel, just took what was available). I felt like I had been kissed on the cheek, pinched on the butt, and asked to come back again soon by the time I finished the first drink. Definitely a more interesting option 😂 🥃

  9. You two are killing it, yes I'd say Sam has come a long way, pretty impressive. Really enjoying the content and watching the progress. Cheers!

  10. Great job as always. The link worked perfectly for ordering a coin. Sam it does take time to come to grips with bourbon, at least it did for me. Oh and one more thing your videos are better than anything that I can do so no apologies necessary. Bobby the chemistry between the two of you is great. Have fun at the Buffalo Trace distillery. Some day I hope that I and my wife can do the Bourbon trail. Thanks for putting a little sunshine into my day.

  11. you guys rock !!! mrs. Sam you are great !!!! this year I decieded to venture out of the basics , Mackers and Knob creek and try others. thanks mrs. Sam for making feel better on my journey .. again you guys are awesome !!!!!

  12. Break out the ggg 19 sp By far best bt ive ever tasted thanks to alan ! I may have a little left along with 17 1.75 unopened i cant see it being as good but you never know ?

  13. Good tasty budget right there with a Cork if I may add lol. Fancy budget. Sam if it wasn’t for making these videos would you have stuck to it?

  14. Sam has come a long way, but really you both have. This channel and the community around it gets better and better. Thanks for the good times! 👏👍

  15. Just getting caught up on last night's live stream with the BJs. Great show. I enjoy BT and especially a number of the store picks that have a bit more oak and less sweet. It may not be the most complex bourbon but definitely is well balanced and enjoyable. Too bad it is somewhat scarce and prices are all over = around town from $22 to 45 for the 0dot75.

  16. I love that you guys are going back to some of the beginning whiskeys on Sam's journey. Congrats to Sam on the progress! Buffalo Trace is a great entry level bourbon and the tour is informative and you can't beat the price of FREE! Enjoy your trip!!

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