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Panasonic HC-WXF1 -New Camcorder for My PlayHouse  – 882

This New Panasonic HC-WXF1 is replacing the HC-WX970 which has been doing a great job for me over the last 3 years.

I had help from “Unkyjoe’s Playhouse” : – to get this over the water 🙂 and he did a video checking it out for me :

Panasonic HC-WXF1 UHD 4K Camcorder combines UHD 4K capture with support for up to four picture-in-picture video feeds. The HC-WXF1’s integrated f/1.8 to f/4 24x Leica Dicomar zoom works with the back-illuminated 1/2.5″ MOS sensor to provide optimal imaging, even at lower light levels. Use the HC-WXF1 to record UHD 4K video at 24 or 30 fps, Full HD video at rates up to 1080p 60 fps, and up to 26MP still photos.

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Panasonic HC-WXF1 4K Cinema-like Camcorder :

Even just 1$ a month, comes out to the same as Binge-watching like 400+ of me Videos every month.

My PlayHouse is a channel where i will show, what i am working on. I have this house, it is 168 Square Meters / 1808.3ft² and it is full, of half-finished projects.

I love working with heating, insulation, Servers, computers, Datacenter, green power, alternative energy, solar, wind and more. It all costs, but I’m trying to get the most out of my money, and my time.


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17 thoughts on “Panasonic HC-WXF1 -New Camcorder for My PlayHouse – 882

  1. Hi brother, what a coincidence, I interested in that camera model too. What is a huge difference with DSLR, that those camcoders have 0lux nightvision mode. Would be very interesting to take a look. I have camera with nightvision before and its very cool. If you turn it on at the day time it will be over-blowing image, BUT it you put IR filter (they cheap, you can find for 10-20 bucks) it will block all visible light and pass only infrared. Would be amazing if you get one and make a test. Its fun, sky will be black, trees and grass are white, some color patterns became flat color etc. I just didn't buy because afraid that they make new model soon, while that one kind of 1 years old, so never know with those guys while they never tell products roadmap.

  2. Wow, a 900€ camera. I would have to start making videos for profit in order to buy this. So I'll pass, although I think it's a really nice camera.

  3. The audio volume on the internal mic of the new camera is a bit lower, but the quality isn't actually worse, I'd even say a bit better.

  4. Smashing 😀 the newer camera has a nice picture and sound too 🙂

    It sounds likely that the ribbon has a crack, maybe there is a video on youtube showing one being taken apart, gives you the heads up on how hard/simple it is.

  5. One of my newer toys is a gimbal, which in association with its app can autofollow a person in focus. I'd probably find that extremely useful if I was a YouTube creator. It can also turn on recording based on a gesture, among other features. With a good external microphone, the better smartphones can actually make pretty good video recordings, including 4K.

  6. The audio on the new camera actually sounds way better! There was some 50hz buzzing going on as well until you switched to the new camera.

  7. congratulation on the new camera. I feel like people tend to ignore camcorders in favour of DSLR/mirror-less setup when all they actually need is a camcorder.

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