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Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 First Look – DJ with Spotify and Beatport Link streaming!

Pioneer DJ’s new DDJ-200 controller, which was announced today and which we’ve got an exclusive first-look video tour of for you, is a bold move into the beginner market from the company.

It has:

Edjing mix streaming
Spotify streaming
SoundCloud streaming
Beatport streaming
rekordbox compatibility

and much more…

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28 thoughts on “Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 First Look – DJ with Spotify and Beatport Link streaming!

  1. I bought a ddj-200 about 4 days ago now, never used a controller before. I feel like it’s holding me back already 🤣🤣. I think I’m going to upgrade to the ddj-400 because I think I’m only going to use rekordbox anyway.

  2. Smart move from Pioneer to get into the entry market and boost the use of online music streaming platforms as an addition to your own locally stored music!

  3. Hi Phil, how do I hook up my headphones when I use a laptop with my DDJ 200? Tried using the cable that came with it but cues didnt work properly. Great review!

  4. How do I connect the ddj200 to my laptop (rekordbox) you said it connects and unlocks recordbox straight away but that doesn’t seem to be happening

  5. Dear Phil, to start with, i want to thank you for all your affords and Videos. They were really often help- and useful for me, wether it was just for a comparision or better Information on product(s), dj-ing in General, mixing techniques or also making a choice or decisision easier for me. Respect, and thumbs up (also to your Team, of course). I really like (nearly have to say admire) the way you managed to turn your Hobby, interest, knowledge and "from-the-heart-thing" into a Profession and a professionally running, well informing platform and business. Keep up the good work!

  6. If I wanted to DJ using files on my phone's micro SD card, rather than stream from Spotify etc, is that possible (and, importantly, practical)?

  7. Hi would anyone be able to help please – I bought the pioneer DDJ200 and am trying to find a way to get the audio onto my sound bar. Problem is I only have Bluetooth, HDMI and optical input into the sound bar. Would anyone know a way to get a 3.5mm jack converted into one of these ??

    Thanks !!

  8. Thanks for the video, very informative. I have bought one for my sons 8th B'day coming up in October. He will have a lot of fun with it, no doubt. Is there a way of charging the Ipad during use?

  9. We need that Transition FX functionality in the rest of the higher end controllers before these noobs show us up 😅

  10. hi Phil I'm all the way from Stockholm Sweden I recently purchased Numark party mix controller and I purchased the DJay Pro 2 app I'm having troubles with the Djay pro 2 app on a Samsung Galaxy s2 tablet running on 7.0 Android Version the controller does not seem to be connecting with the Djay pro 2 application the Djay pro is Version 2.3.6. thank you for your time

  11. The main trouble I see with streaming such large libraries is I can't use the excuse of not having a particularly crappy song if some one asks me to play it…

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