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QLED vs NanoCell: Samsung Q70R  vs LG SM9000

In this video, we take a look at the brand new Samsung Q70R series side by side with the new LG SM9000 series and show you their differences.

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Samsung Q70R Series:
LG SM9000 Series:

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32 thoughts on “QLED vs NanoCell: Samsung Q70R vs LG SM9000

  1. @Abt Electronics
    What is the best buy, the LG SM8500PLA for 700€, LG SM86007LA for 800€, or LG SM90007LA for 900€? Is the FALD worth it(like the SM90007LA)? Or is the Local Dimming as good/bad(like the SM8500PLA)?

  2. Even tech man cannot decide which one is better how customer can 😂

    Simple formula check budget goto multi brand store ask to play same video songs on same colour settings

    U can decide easily after that check specs and do final

  3. Sorry man, but even in your video it is absolutely visible and obvious that the Samsung TV handles motion horribly, compared to the LG!!! How can you say it's better?? I can not trust you at all!! Big thumb down for lying right into our face for money! 👎🏼

  4. I bought the 2019 LG 75' nano cell LED 4k in June 2019 and feel like I got ripped off! I prefer picture quality over bells and whistles. My LG has horrible haloing and back light bleed, with no side view, only 12/6 o'clock viewing. I have 4 Samsung TV's, aging from 2-13 years old and they all have a better picture than my 2019 LG nanocell

  5. Seriously it's so annoying how this fucking channel is trying to claim that the Q70R can stand up to the Q80R and Q90R. They probably have a whole load of Q70R TVs that they cant shift lol

  6. The Samsung on the Left is WAY BETTER LOOKING, FOR SURE!!!!!!!!! LG looks more fuzzy and not crisp, I own the 4k 75" LG, gonna switch over to the QLED now for sure, @2:00 Look at the water on the Samsung, way more realistic looking and clear, NOT sold on the LG Nano at all

  7. I am between 65Q70 (1600 euros) and 65SM9010 (1700 euros). They have 100 euros difference (LG is more expensive now but gives a second tv for free 32' led – nothing special). Both 5 years warranty. I do not know which to choose actually. I am watching cable tv, netflix, youtube (smart tv) but i do not play games. Which one would you choose?

  8. The Q70R has better contrast, better local dimming, better black uniformity, a higher peak brightness and freesync for gaming. The SM9000 has better image reflection, better viewing angles, a slightly better operating system, an arguably better design, and a better speaker system. Get the Q70R if you want a more cinematic experience with HDR content and if you plan on playing video games. Get the LGSM9000 if you have a wide seating arrangement and watch more sports and television in a brightly lit room.

  9. I’m debating between
    LG SM9000 & Samsung Q60R —

    Both cost exactly the same.. which one is better with superior pictures and colors?

  10. Great Video. I was so stuck on which tv to get. I was leaning toward the Q70 but after this video and your opinion on which you would buy, changed my mind. Even the salesman at Best Buy said the same thing. Plus you save alittle extra money with the LG. Thanks again

  11. carl or Abt.Excellent comparision. I am leaning towards LG for the centre stand and I will not have to buy another tv stand. My question is I want to play movies that are on my usb drive. What video formats does the LG support? mkv, mov mp4 avi t2s etc…

  12. Throughout the video it seems samsung has better image until 2:08 i realised it was the angle they had it at made the difference.

  13. Samsung TVs looks beautiful and catchy only in their stores and commercials
    but not in home! 🙂

    don't get fooled like me , LG is better.

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