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Is this the best pedal in the REVV series?
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The Camera Gear!
Main Camera – Lumix GH4
Main Lens – Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8
2nd Camera – Lumix G7
2nd Lens – Panasonic 25mm f/1.7
Field Recorder – Tascam DR680
Joss’s Lavalier Mic – RodeLink Kit
Tom’s Mic – Aston Starlight

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24 thoughts on “REVV G2 | BEST PEDAL IN THE REVV SERIES?! | Demo & Review

  1. Considering what a Revocation fan Joss is I'm surprised there's not a Dunable Eidolon going at all times… That's the one boysssss

  2. Mark Holcomb's Dark Sun seems pretty neat. May be a little spendy for what you're looking for, but it is a twofer! Two for one that is, if you don't speak cringe.

    Sick playing as always dag!

  3. hey man love the videos! if youre looking for lots of delays and stuff in one pedal, Id say the Electro Harmonix Canyon, really cool pedal! But if you just want one delay the MXR carbon copy is sick and not near Strymon price madness

  4. That new delay and reverb source audio pedal came out today I believe. The collider I think it's called. It's the best stuff from the ventriss and the nemesis delay combined. That's what I'm gonna buy I think. Plus it does stereo!!!!! Yayyyyy

  5. Dag for $230 this thing is same price as Katana MKII 50. And the Engl sounds hella better without the pedal anyways. Katana MKII 50 sounds better than the pedal.

  6. I'd recommend the GFI systems Specular Tempus. Has reverb/delay as well as additional features and sounds great. Or the Dark Sun from Duncan is another amazing unit.

  7. Gone through a couple standalone or coupled delays and reverbs, wound up settling on the Mooer Ocean Machine. Great sounds, might be too much for what you're looking for… so maybe the Nux Atlantic? Or is that the one you were talking about?

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