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Singapore Airlines flight report SQ494 from Singapore to Dubai, full flight review showing the SQ flight experience onboard the B777-300ER.

This SIA flight takes 6 hours and 31 minutes, with dinner and refreshment served onboard. In both services, two choices are offered. Singapore Airlines service is excellent, with drinks served before the dinner and mid-flight between the meal services – even on a flight of this duration! I enjoyed my binge of Singapore Sling cocktails as much as my movie binge on the Singapore Airlines KrisWorld entertainment.

Many thanks to the Singapore Airlines cabin crew for their dedicated customer-service mindset and warm hospitality.

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  1. Read the SQ494 flight review here:
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  2. I think all of those female flight attendants are pretty. That main flight attendant (the Indian male) looks polite and warm. Too bad the male FA at 1:52 didn't serve your area, maybe he's on the business class.

  3. On many other channels I watch there is rarely footage of the cabin crew. I think it's highly disrespectful filming them at length. It's also quite creepy. You are using their image for commercial purposes to make matters worse without their consent. Thanking the cabin crew on your comments is more than enough.

  4. Wow ! I luv how your videos are so detailed and well annotated. Great video quality as well ! Def a new subscriber and look forward to more airline reviews ! Please review Taiwan's China Airlines and EVA Air when you get the chance. Thanks !

  5. Flew with SQ for as long as i could remember… the crews will just keep feeding ya.. lots of things… ice-creams…..peanuts…. cakes…. etc… just ask it… and they'll give ya…. Truly a Great Way to Fly…..

  6. Nice video. I have flown the nonstop SIN to LAX several times. The flight is almost 16 hours and we got two meals and a cold sand which. On a 6 hour SIN to DXB flight a passenger gets a meal, a hot sand which and multiple drink services. Something seems to off on this? SQ is a good airline but the level of service on a 6 hour Economy flight seems to be better than on a 16 hour Premium Economy flight(of course the cost of the ultra long haul is very high).

  7. Nice review. You mentioned airlines giving towels but not retrieving them? Which airline have you experienced this? Singapore Airlines is a class in and of itself – the OG of airlines.

  8. If you fly malaysia airlines you have to carry coffin with you…might be fatal half journey like mh17.the cabin crew only pay attention to white men passengers and ignore fellow malaysian cabin crew is proud having good flirting and chatting time with Caucasian passengers and look down Asian malay passengers.

  9. What a lovely flight review! The video does show you enjoyed the flight and devoted sufficient time to all the aspects – especially the crew. They surely did impress you.
    One question: There were no vegetarian meals on offer on the menu. Did people complain about it?
    (I know you should order online but maybe other pax don't)
    Oh, and I had to smile at 4:39 vs 4:59 (towel remark)

  10. Hi Gavin, great review as always, yor videos never dissapoint, just like service at SIA, you both are top notch…keep on enjoying your trips just the way you do. For me, flights are almost the most enjoyable part of traveling, and i think so are they for you. Thanks for sharing your experiences and enjoy the summer!!. Big love!

  11. It's always such a joy watching your flight reviews; It feels like being your travel companion. ⭐⭐ ⭐ Being 'taken care of' by SIA cabin attendants is always something special. The charm of the SIA-'girl' (I write 'girl' without the intention to be disrespectful !) is almost unsurpassable, and the male cabin attendants look so handsome and elegant in their stylish dark blue outfit. Keep on spoiling yourself by being 'pampered' by them. (The meal looks delicious and as for the chendol, my late brother's wife (she is from Singapore) would have said: "Oh how nice, Chendol à la 'North Pole' " ! 🍨 ) Thank you so much for your latest travel report, Gavin God Bless and stay safe, always. Hendrick 🙋‍♂️

  12. Perfect service like always on board of the world's best airline.
    42 Celsius in Dubai brings the water in your ass to boil.

  13. Great video as always! It was a joy to watch the hospitality and service of Singapore Airlines. What an airline!!! =D

  14. An excellent TR, highly accurate! No way… SQ provides the best economy class service in the world (seats, meals and so on). Thanks for sharing.

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