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Sony RX100 VII vs Canon G5X Mark II: We Answer Questions That Others Didn’t

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Of course, whenever Canon launches a new compact camera, soon after comes Sony. Canon released the long awaited Canon G5X Mark II and G7X Mark III, while Sony pushes on with their next iteration with the Sony RX100VII. Of course, there are already numerous videos out there on which cameras are the best, for video, vlogging, hybrid, etc etc… Well, we take a look at it from another angle. What about photography? As these cameras were meant for? Well, watch the review to find out!

*This episode was shot using the Zhiyun Weebill Lab & Zhiyun Crane M2

Editor – Bobby Tonelli
Camera/Producer – Kai Hong
Video Editor – Rahidah

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30 thoughts on “Sony RX100 VII vs Canon G5X Mark II: We Answer Questions That Others Didn’t

  1. hahah what does "pushing" the shutter speeds have to do with affecting Image Quality????! That is absurd. Also CALIBRATE your monitor because in your very first example, your selfie looks almost ready to go with the Sony while the Canon looks under exposed and dull which will require more work which is NOT what the target audience is for this camera. You are clearly biased towards the Canon.
    Bad video not to mention the arrogant tone in which you started the video

  2. Read this carefully before buying the Canon. This is a deal breaker for me, i returned it.
    'RAW image data cannot be used as-is for viewing on a computer or printing. You must first process it on this camera or use the Canon application Digital Photo Professional to convert images to ordinary JPEG or TIFF files.'

  3. The AF on the Sony is a KILLER factor here yet covered badly. If you want something close to a 100% hit rate and GET THE SHOTS, the Sony is the only camera left standing. The nonsense about the 24-200 not being required is just silly. Lots of us use 200mm and 2.8 is fast enough for most things and F4.5 at 200mm is very good. The Zeiss lens is actually sharper than the Canon. For family, hiking, sports, portraits & travel, the Canon is not as good as the Sony. Not even close. I also shoot professionally and use Nikon D850/D5/Z6 and a lot of fast glass. If you want the sort of confidence in AF as pro gear, only Sony gets it done. Regarding color, I have no idea what he's doing. Sony comes closer to Nikon's color profiles, which are highly regarded. But you can adjust color profiles for either camera. As he says, "you gotta hand it to Sony" again and again, which makes it sound like he doesn't like that the Sony is better in so many respects. DOF on a 1" sensor is pretty laughable, but I see more at 200mm at 4.5. And of course the Sony clobbers the Canon for video. All around the winner is the Sony for PRACTICAL shooting. Forget the price point. GETTING THE SHOT is what matters and the Canon will let you down too often. I wish Canon and Nikon would go all out like Sony has.

  4. Nice review, which brings me to wonder…
    Can you change a camera sensor for a better one ? No.
    Can you shift colours of a RAW-file picture via a software ? Yes.
    Can you change the AF system that's within a specific camera ? No.
    Can you tweak the exposure of a RAW-file picture via a software ? Yes.
    Can you change the lens of such a camera for one that has less aberrations and distorsion ? No.
    Can you use a tripod (or any kind of "stabilizer") when you're about to snap an image ? Yes.


  5. i sold my fuji camera and brought g5xii before watching your video, now i feel comfortable to make a good division for my daily photography camera.
    i like your point " i don't need 200mm of sony and why sony don't put touch screen" , now is 2019, really don't know why sony still use old monitor.

  6. I have not found a tack sharp image from the Sony, the way an Alpha6000 series would impress. The sensor is great at base ISOs, but you get a bit of a double image half way down into the corners. It almost looks like motion blur, and then you see that it has been shot at a rather fast shutter speed. The lens is just not capable enough. In poorer light, images just don't look good. Fuzzy to say the least with almost no detail in the shadows. I'm only this critical as I find the S$600 Alpha 6000 far superior in image quality than a S$1600 RX100. True, its not a valid comparison from a camera type perspective, but when you are out looking for a small compact travel camera, they both are possible options. I have an RX100 mk1, and I have not found an image that stuns you. Something is missing. Even a Canon S90 Powershot then, was surprising sometimes.

  7. Sony RX100 VII @1300euro VS Canon G5X Mark II @900euro. C'on price difference is huge and it would be much more sensible to compare RX100 VI vs G5X Mark II (both now at the same price range).

  8. I went and looked at the Sony RX100 – as BestBuy did not have the Canon g5X mark 2 in stock yet. I looked through the pop up view finder and noticed I could not see anything clear – any camera settings in the view finder. I looked around for some sort of 'focus' and did not see any. Did I miss something? I'll be the first to admit that I wear reading glasses at age 67 – and nothing is clear up close, but if I can't focus the EVF then its useless to me. Did I miss something? Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the review. I struggle with the F1.8 vs 2.8 on the Sony. I have a Canon F2.0 now, a very old S95, but I like it. You have discussed, like many have, the Sony focus, being great. The canon, not quite as good, but "OK". I liked that you commented on the Sony 200mm – not really needed in a pocket camera and anyone buying will trade off the F1.8 Canon vs the 200mm of the Sony – but I think I'll go with the Canon and work around the non-instant focus. If Sony had the F1.8, and out to 100mm, (or 200 as it is now), I'd pay the extra and get the Sony. Sure, crank up the ISO but then noise starts to become an issue. I think the 1" sensors will be a major improvement over the S95, and video quality will be better on either camera, so I'm ahead of the game on both these points too.

  10. coming from an ex canon guy… the sony has great dynamic range which wasnt discussed. though its a love and hate relationship i had with it (dynamic range) since i took advantage of hiding clutter on the shadows in the canons, id still choose the sony now.
    plus photowise, autofocus and dynamic range is a big thing. colors can be worked on post but AF and dynamic range cant. i still wish canon can push something solid on the table, i kept my batteries but its not looking good

  11. I feel like the extra zoom of the Sony is a really big deal, as there are alot of things in nature or the City that you can't really get that close to. At least for me that is the only real reason why I carry a point and shoot in my purse, my iphone takes an alright photo and has 4K video, my mirrorless and SLR cameras will take better photos, but point and shoot/bridge cameras have a huge edge in distance as they can do this without carrying huge lenses around like my main cameras do and why not play to that strength?

  12. Thank you, I'm tired of everyone just focus on the video quality, most of us still want to take more pictures than vlogging.

  13. So many versions of these cameras (sony and canon) and they still have this slow, slugish zoom. Why?? Can't they make it so we could zoom with fingers, and the half turn of the ring would change wide to tele? Is it so complicated?

  14. Thank you, I’ve always found canon to be great image quality I’ve always been a fan of canon. Sony colors and stuff aren’t always the best out of the box, but being a point and shoot, I would think most people would want the fast good auto focus to get the shot in focus and take the picture every time. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush… an in focus picture that has slightly off colors is better than missing the moment completely fiddling with the focus or getting a bunch of blurry out of focus pictures. Last vacation I was on I had the EOS M50 and took like 650+ pictures, it nailed the focus every single time if Canon gave better focus on these I would be all over it!

  15. Canon focus is shit. Sony all the way with its super focus and quality of photos.
    Dont know y ppl somehow never find sony to be good, but they are the best in their business. F*** reviewers who dont realize that sony is all about the best in the market.

  16. The g5x m2 is not better built. I returned mine because of the autofocus and the build quality, which didn't seem like it would last very long and for $900 I want something that lasts. The plastic body is thin and flexy, the dials and buttons feel light and hollow, and the front lens ring you turn feels like the plastic you snap off holding a two pack of mouthwash. The flash and evf doors on top wiggle and depress when you hold the camera. Also the rubber grip texture is the cheapest imitation I've felt. The older g7x/g5x were leagues ahead. The rx100 is slippery and a pain to hold, but the metal build is far superior. You can actually hold it with your left hand pushing down on the top and the evf and flash doors are solid and stable with zero movement. Honestly it is by far the cheapest premium compact I've used, and I've used them all, including the LX10. Never had an issue with canon build quality until now. I have no idea what they have been smoking.

  17. I also don't care much about video…and I have to say…my Sony RX100VA takes awesome pictures,wright out of the camera.. and if I will shoot video"s…I will get me the Sony AX53..with 20x optical zoom.. 🙂

  18. Hey Tech360.TV if you have the chance to get the Sony RX 100 VI for the same price like the Canon G5X Mark II. Which one would you choose? Using as a travel camera and for photography only. Thanks for your help!

  19. Thanks for a great review as always. I have the Canon g7x II I’m very happy with. I think you have to mention the price différence because is the most important criteria with 1.200 Euros for Sony and 800 euros for thé Canon

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