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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k Review | The Inconvenient BEAST!

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Canon EOS R (Camera) –
Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART (Lens) –
Aputure LS-1c (Lighting) –
Rode NTG4+ (Mic) –

Epidemic Sound


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blackmagic pocket 4k pocket cinema camera


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25 thoughts on “Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k Review | The Inconvenient BEAST!

  1. It’s a great camera cinematically but I mean I get where you’re coming from. I’m a filmmaker and video director based in Lagos Nigeria. My first time using it I ran into the same battery problem which was a real bummer at the time. I also noticed that when I would shoot on colder days it lasted just a little longer than hot days. I easily Ran through 10 batteries on a shoot, luckily for me I don’t tend to overshoot except when necessary… but still I had to be prepared for future projects so that’s when I started filming with compact batteries. If you’re reading this and have plans on buying this camera at some point you probably should get it with that. In my opinion that’s your best bet.

  2. A new comer here looking for a first cinema camera, shopping around for the most ideal purchase. I'm looking to do short movies, music videos, promos and music videos/live gig recordings. I'm in love with everything about this camera, can anyone let me know if I should invest in the best solution for the battery life or if I should move on to the next best camera? Not too knowledgeable about vlocks yet, so I'm not sure if it's worth purchasing one or looking for an affordable camera with a better battery life or getting this with a good vlock? If I'm going through five batteries costing 15 quid a piece every shoot, the cost is racking up pretty high. Great review btw, subbed!

  3. Honestly I feel like for the types of video content you create this camera would be perfect for you, after putting the proper package together. Image quality is king after all.

  4. I'm starting to feel like it's a little overrated. Like sure the image looks great but not noticeably better than anything you could get out of the current mirrorless options

  5. i dont know what to buy!! :[ it just confused me more but gave lots of info thx bro! if you can help me decide what 2 buy next ill be glad!

  6. In short the BMP4kc is liek buying a base model range rover… you still have a range but to get the full effect youre gonna have to ad some after markert gear to it …

  7. Really nice review. You told me more than most of the other camera reviewers posted. You made it very accessible. I want to invest in a BMPCC camera at one point. I like the idea of 4K, but seeing that they just put out a 6K that takes Canon lenses……interests me. Like your model of renting to review. Perhaps I should rent the 6K for a week, taking after your model, to try it out for myself. You've given me lots of new ideas. That's my biggest compliment to you, YCImaging, you opened my mind in an unexpected way. Thanks & keep filming.

  8. What's up YC, great video! One thing I've heard is that BRAW 12:1 compression is extremely good on storage. It's better than ProRes HQ and has all the benefits of RAW. Just something you should check out.

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