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Matt Granger, Nikon Z50 + Travel photo reviews (Chelsea & Tony LIVE!)

We welcome back pro photographer MATT GRANGER this week to discuss travel photography techniques while reviewing your best travel shots.

Matt (and some other great photographers) have teamed up with Five Day Deal to help raise money for charity – a total deal valued at over $2,879 and selling for just $89! Included is Matt’s Wedding Photography 101 course (sells for $99 alone) and dozens of other courses, videos, presets, lessons from people such as Peter Hurley, Fstoppers, Jerry Ghionis and many more.
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41 thoughts on “Matt Granger, Nikon Z50 + Travel photo reviews (Chelsea & Tony LIVE!)

  1. It's funny to see how uncomfortable Granger is sitting next to a woman who is of age and who he's not "mentoring".

  2. I love you guys and all the info I pick up from you. I'm a sound engineer by trade and it kills me that no one has corrected the mic orientation of the side-address mics you're using. I mean. we can still hear you clearly but at the expense of bass response and I feel you're not getting the full benefit of using professional studio vocal mics. By side-address, your voice should be hitting the diaphragm squarely on a right angle (90degrees). Look through the top mesh and you should see the diaphragm. It's different using a top-address ball mic (like the one Roger Daltrey swings around by the cord on stage) which the diaphragm sits facing up. I've seen other episodes where you use lavalier lapel mics. They sound great too, without the clutter of mic stands and pop filter. Makes for a cleaner set and does not distract from what you guys are saying. My way of contributing and paying back all the relevant info I get from your casts. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Doesn't make sense that a robot would be required to roam the supermarket aisles when high-resolution cameras with zoom/software could do the same thing.

    Maybe they're just getting people used to the idea of robots in stores, as reportedly they will take over many of the positions such as cashiers/stock workers, in the not-too-distant future.

  4. can you guys talk about wedding contracts. what goes on them what Photographers include, the importance of the contract, etc.

  5. I tried to tell you Tony that Nikon will be making an APS-C mirrorless camera a while back. You stated some time ago that it would be a bad idea and you still echo that. I don't understand that logic at all. Why not spend resources on a market out there already too. Just as people want full-frame DSLR bodies, people also want APS-C DSLR bodies. Different strokes for different folks.

  6. 15 years of DSLR's and 1 year of main stream mirrorless, or course DSLRs in the wild outnumber ML. But wait until the best new sensors are only released on mirror-less, peeps will follow.

  7. Is this Nikon's knee-jerk reaction to the EOS-M success? With such a huge mount the IBIS could have been great… but no IBIS?

  8. I thought they will bring us similar to sony a6600- fuji xt3, not a6100 🙁 i want get into mirrorless systems but from nikon. No ibis and 20 mp makes me rethink about sony. I have nikon d810 and couple lenses but have no budget for z7 and new lenses. Z6 was choice but after 36 mp, going to 24 mp not cool idea. So i want as second -video camera apc mirrorless. Well totally lost now.

  9. This, afro man, and Math. Top 3 worst photography chanels on youtube. Full of ridiculous statements, degradating professional photography.

  10. With Nikon’s recent financial troubles and product flops I seriously doubt they will survive the next economic downturn. Sad.

  11. Nope, still waiting for the Z8, where Nikon will hopefully realize that some, if not all, working photographers want 2 card slots.

  12. Tony, please do not be jealous of Matt. I know she’s fawning all over him but you are the one she goes home with. And you don’t need the chair height boost. That is just silly. You have your own quality that you bring to the show. Just saying.

  13. I think an APS-C Nikon Z camera is great. It saves some cost, size, weight, and lenses can be lighter. Modern APS-C sensors have great ISO and dynamic range and the depth of field is the same at any given focal length (it's just that people tend to use wider lenses with crop sensors which leads to less dof.)

  14. Yeah, but when others see your own country then you see it with there eyes and then you can see it differently because of their perspective

  15. APS-C is fine for me. I can do sharp 20×24 prints, and I want SMALLER. I don't want the bulk of FF lenses. APS-C promises that. If Nikon can deliver smaller lenses, I'd be interested. My current a6400+18-135 is SOOOO much smaller than my old Nikon D7200+18-140. But the Sony is less fun to shoot with, so… We'll see.

  16. usual great pairing of MG and T&C. One day maybe they will pop in on Matt in NYC? Death blow to cameras: it's not inconceivable that smartphones will incorporate full-frame lenses: strip out unnecessary phone+sms components to gain the space. Design the smartdevice body primarily to house the lens and secondarily to function as phone.

  17. ps when entry level buyers for those D3xxx Nikon and SL X Canon now, in future go for mirrorless entry level (is there gonna be DX APSC Canon or Nikon or Rich?) as their choice, then DSLR will be large over. Pros will have their Pro FX bodies.

  18. Nikon cripple hammer z 50 not gonna be higher end to warrant getting .. voer D7200, D7500 and D750 I use. OK, I spent too much on gear this year (hobby onl;y) and any new body can wait.

  19. I really want a mirror-less D500. I don't see this as that camera unless the tracking AF at least matches the D500. The Z6 isn't even close, so despite being able to shoot 11fps it doesn't really track. Why would the Z50 be different? Also, no IBIS. To me, that is now an essential part of mirror-less cameras and excluding it to keep the price down does nothing for me.
    I am sure there will be many users who find this to be a great camera, but I want a sports / wildlife camera. I will keep waiting. My existing cameras work fine.

  20. Watching this made me realize I really like Chelsea's sense of humor. She's playful but a bit dark lol.
    Also, I love Matt's opinions. They seem really thought out. He definitely has a lot of experience and it shows. Side note: I kinda wish steff was invited to this as well. I just love her smile.

  21. This is just my opinion, but I think Nikon is continuing to try to both get new mirrorless customers and at the same time keep its f-mount DSLR customers from moving over to what are likely lower profit margins on mirrorless. This is a standard marketing ploy and it seldom works. The Z-mount seems to be part of the distancing. As Tony points out, it is a bit silly to have this huge ring between a tiny crop-sensor lens and the equally tiny sensor.
    I still think there are a few customer groups for APS-C camera systems, but this new camera doesn’t seem to match any of them. I personally love my Sony A6500 with some nice APS-C lenses. It’s light and compact, and the IBIS helps me take handheld images without tripod or flash. Given the price point, I would say Nikon is going for the budget-conscious market. Were I so constrained then I might want to buy some used f-mount lenses. The thought of carrying around an f-mount lens attached to that huge f-to-Z adaptor attached to that oversized mirrorless body doesn’t make me eager to buy one.

  22. Tony's on to something here. Why didn't they release this new Z camera with the F mount? And with the higher prices of the new lenses, does a 'starter' body really make any sense? Now they have to make Z mount lenses with VR because they have spent years telling us how necessary it is.

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