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November 2019 Firmware Updates — LUMIX S1, S1R, GH5, GH5S, G9 *and* GH5 vs G9 Update!

(time stamps below)
Five top LUMIX cameras are getting updates this month, including the full-frame LUMIX S1 and S1R, plus the micro four thirds GH5, GH5S and G9. Watch the video for a breakdown of what these updates mean, then visit for a text version of all the features, INCLUDING an up-to-date GH5 vs G9 comparison!

0:45 S Series Updates (S1 & S1R)
5:47 G Series Updates (G9, GH5 & GH5S)
10:46 LUMIX Sync App
10:56 GH5 vs G9

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⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️ I am a professional “photographic storyteller”; a photographer and filmmaker, and also a Panasonic LUMIX Ambassador. This means I am sponsored by Panasonic and therefore naturally biased towards their gear. I regularly state this in my videos, but in case I don’t say it, it’s still true. Thanks for watching!

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49 thoughts on “November 2019 Firmware Updates — LUMIX S1, S1R, GH5, GH5S, G9 *and* GH5 vs G9 Update!

  1. You're a wealth of info. But sadly, this doesn't seem like they've changed much for the GH5. Good news for G9 owners though. Thanks for the website info. This is TLDR for GH5 owners, insert Sad Face here.

  2. Great news thanks!
    Could someone give precise details/specs regarding the .MOV video for the G9 for particularly Pal here in Australia?

  3. Thanks PhotoJoseph, no need to look everywhere to understand this huge update, you synthesised it in a way it's impossible to not understand ! 
    Because of you, "now it's getting more and more difficult to be a bad photographer"

  4. Thanks for sharing Joseph. I’ve been very happy with the G9 but looked at some of the GH5 video features with a bit of envy. This update basically makes the G9 the perfect hybrid for me. Would be very interested to see a hands-on review of some of the new video features if you got you hands on a preview version of the firmware.

  5. Wow!! Your info is so helpful. Can’t wait for new firmware updates wanna try it out with my G9.
    I usually shoot vdo and photos with G9 its a fantastic camera. no regret for purchased
    Appreciate for the info again sir!! Have a great day sir

  6. Great overview of all the updates! Very excited about the new video features coming to the G9. I bought it over the GH5 because of the large price difference at the time and having a nice balance between photo and video functions. However, I always wanted more video features, especially Vlog support.

  7. Great video, thanks. Question….. Does the G9 implement the internal teleconverter that the GH5 has? Not sure if I've worded that correctly, but with the GH5 you are able to do video using the full sensor, or, if you desire, there is the ability to choose to film with the sensor cropped. This, in effect, gives you additional focal range as you are punched into a fraction of the complete sensor. I've been using a GH5 for a couple of years, but it has died on me, and with these firmware updates on the G9 (I mostly shoot video in HD 120FPS) I'm thinking the G9 may be a better replacement than another GH5. Thanks.

  8. I shot a S1R for 30 days and returned it when I discovered that the camera was incapable of shooting continuous bursts with Flash with my AD600PRO set up, will this firmware update help any other manufacturers systems?

  9. Anyone else have problems trying to take multiple pictures with flash enabled? Whenever I try to use any flash on the G9 or GX85, Burst Mode is automatically disabled the second I connect a flash. However I found a strange hack where if I don't connect the flash all the way in the hotshoe, then Burst Mode works with flash enabled. Sucks that nobody seems to talk about this issue.

  10. You sir are a gentleman. If it wasn't for your investigations and delving myself and i'm sure a whole bundle of other GH5'ers would be back in the 2.2's or beyond. Thanks for keeping us up to date and giving us your insight into creative photogravideolophosy Joseph. . I've made a memo for the 19th . I'm sure I ticked a "Tell me when firmware is coming" box, back when, but seems my mailman is not playing ball. It goes to show how hard the Panny backroom boys are working with pretty regular updates . Good on ya all.

  11. I bought a G9 when they first came out and like it a lot but the video was not quite to the level of the GH5 so these new upgrades are very good, but, and it's a big but, the video recoding limit is a pain for me. I get asked to record plays and music concerts etc and hovering around the camera to press record agin when it cut off it a total pain in the ass, Everything else is great but this lets it down. Do you think this will ever change? I was so excited to see your video hoping this may change but no.

  12. Great video! So, about the new video frame rate settings for the G9…which codec will they use? Will they be mp4, like the G9 camera uses with previous firmware, or will they be mov, like the GH5 uses? I see you mentioned that mov is being added…is this why?

  13. I'll be looking forward for the updates for my G5, just a question, I recently dropped (by accident of course} my G5 with the Olympus 14-40 2.8 Pro lens, the camera is still functioning fine, but the lens got damage by the lens mount, my question is where would you recommend to take the lens to get it fixed? Thanks for your help.

  14. Hi. I use the G9 and I am very excited about this update. They're really dialing it in pretty well from my point of view. I would at some point like to see the tethering capabilities improve, but hey these are some great updates!

  15. Many thanks for this video. Most informative and helpful; watched several times (and subscribed.).

    I was considering buying the G5 (not G5s) but am now, after this firmware upgrade, definitely tending to the G9.

    Could you tell me if the G9's assorted 4k filming times are still limited if using an external recorder such as an Atomos? I really HAVE done my research but can't find this info as maybe it's too soon for the experts to have published it, or maybe it's just obvious to all except noobs like myself!

    Thanks again, keep up the good work.

  16. Autofocus improvements? lol – These cameras don't have a working video autofocus system – aka the have no phase detect. They say"fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" Anyone buying this "new" system with exactly the same achilles heel of the previous micro four thirds system , i.e. no phase detect – well shame on yourself. You saw this sort of rubbish in the micro four thirds cameras. Release a system with a key element for video autofocus missing and then give everyone hope by constantly releasing firmware updates which "improve" the focus. A bit like constantly increasing the size of a hole in the bottom of a Flintstones car to make your feet easier to propel it rather than putting an actual engine in the car in the first place. Here we go again, more firmware, more fools. Well lovely as the camera is for video even the full frame professional market is realising not everyone has the the time for manual focus or wanting to risk "hunting" – see the new professional Sony FX9 – no guessing where that 6k phase detect sensor is going next.

  17. Thanks for this video. Looking forward to update. Do you have a tutorial on face detection by any chance on the GH5? I.e. follow focus I think it’s called. I can’t get it quite right, not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thanks

  18. A very comprehensive and clear rundown on the new features coming with the firmware updates, thank you. In the case of the G9, the depth of upgrade could almost make the camera a G9 mk2! Kudos to Panasonic for creating such a wide ranging update, for free, to an already very impressive camera.
    In the UK, we also have the bonus of very special price deals on the G9 these days, making it easily the best value, best spec' camera on the market.

  19. Do people know that you can unlock the G9 from having video recording limits? It is able to record unlimited. A few videos on Youtube show exactly how this can be done.

  20. "Disabling any physical operation can be assigned to an Fn button."

    does this mean that i'll be able to lock out the top rear dial using a function? it's been driving me crazy ever since i got the s1–that dial rubs on my clothing no matter how i carry the camera. the existing lock functions won't just lock out the rear dial and are too slow to use. and the dial switch settings don't allow you to disable the top rear dial.

    be great if my squeaky wheel was getting the grease with this update, but i'm not holding my breath. 🙂 /guy

  21. Outstanding updates. This definately makes the G9 a powerhouse in that price range!

    One question: Can the Focus Ring Control be set to linear in the G9? The non-linear setting is not pleasant to use and I was happy to see the linear option in the S1.

  22. Nice to see Panasonic supporting (my) G9 and M43 in this way. This is 100% what camera buyers want, people invest their hard earned and the manufacturer reciprocates by continuing to push its capabilities.

  23. I have a GH5S and G85. Tempted to upgrade the G85 to the G9 because of the advanced video and photo features now, should match up nicely to the GH5S and seems a better option for photos

  24. When I bought my GH5 it came with 1.1 firmware. When I tried to update it I had to go to 2.1 as all the in-between updates were not available. Then I missed in-between updates and now I am on firmware 2.5 and waiting to update to firmware 2.6 in a few days' time. What I don't know is whether I need the in-between firmwares that I missed or just having the latest firmware is sufficient. If I need all those firmware updates that I missed then how do I install them as I cannot find the activation link on the Panasonic website. I will really appreciate any advice/suggestions.

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