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Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance (Pt.1) Walkaround Review: We Check Out Malaysia’s All-time Favourite Hatch!

Some people hate it, because there are so many of them, driven by all sorts of people, some with good drivers and some driven by terrible and bad drivers.

For some strange reason, I have never driven this latest Myvi ever before. I tested the very first 1.3 Myvi more than a decade ago, a manual.

As a result of our viewers asking for us to check this car out on Genting road, we asked Perodua for a car and they kindly obliged.
Here is the walkaround, and now I begin to see why it is so popular.

I actually have taken it up the mountain, but it would spoil the fun if I said anything about it. Stay tuned, and Enjoy!

Anyway, thank you very much for joining us on this channel. We will always try to give you amazing and exciting content! Cheers!

Note: Seems I misquoted the prices: I also picked the prices off a website; perhaps it was an older price list. Please disregard any prices mentioned and just enjoy the rest of the video. My apologies.


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38 thoughts on “Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance (Pt.1) Walkaround Review: We Check Out Malaysia’s All-time Favourite Hatch!

  1. Bring back the proper temperature gauge. No cheap temperature icon idiot light please. Hope you listen dumb Perodua. At least 2019 Proton Saga was not infected with the idiot light disease although they are drawbacks in other department.

  2. Saya kecewa dengan myvi masalah fuel pump tu baru kene kat saya haih ingat kan Myvi baru ni xde masalah rupanya hampreh nasib baru setahun

  3. I think they should improve the engine hp and nm and transmission cause it feel like powerless
    Also noise of the road and engine need more improvement

  4. Surprisingly ur review so much details and i must say better than other YouTubers out there. It's a long video but worth to watch. Good job!

  5. For advance Myvi head lamp need to be extra careful to replace one unit it cost Rm 3.800. This headlight can't be replace a bulb and need to replace whole entire head light

  6. Please super uncle tell us the truth behind this 'king of the road' wheels. Many blindly thought this KOTR is supercar and drove it like GTR.. Hahahaa

  7. If really put it to compare, Myvi and Iris, which one you think it’s a better buy ?
    Ignore the second hand value, and the old story of proton , just purely for the car and spec .

  8. Owned same model for 2 months . The engine start stop is quite unused to it. Disabled it due to air con not cold (compressor operated by engine) if stopped too long in traffic jam. Worries on the life of battery and starter .
    Another point to highlight was when to start engine, press the start button once, twice…..wait for engine icon light lit up and off, then start engine by stepping on brake pedal. Not to start engine on ONE push of button. This was feedback from one Perodua SC. To prevent engine ECU issue. Anyone can comment on this?The ASA …….don't depend on it!
    The chrome piece on the dash air con vent, not a good add on. Glaring under the sun.
    Consumption……outstation and city driving….managed 14 km/ litre.
    Point to note : exhaust noise has a mild 'growling'😁

  9. The door handle OMG having on driver is good for manufacture in fact they can export to country which drive left hand side.

  10. It's quite good for the interior, the gear box a slightly better than iriz.
    The price just a bit high. And the boot space is very small…
    If for looks, myvi better. For comfort, iriz better. Waiting the for the next part video coming. Very excited…. 😅.. Thanks for the sharing.. 👍

  11. Myvi is toyota..saga is hyundai..😁😁😁..i prefer of course who hv toyota gen..its more reliable..picanto?..step aside brooo..huhu

  12. One of the best USPs of the myvi? Legroom. No contest. U think the W211 E-class pampers your legs? Check out the new myvi. Drops your damn jaw guys.

  13. i never thought that i’ll be owning a perodua cars before but at last i bought this new perodua myvi 1.5AV . After owning it for awhile , this car serve it purpose really – really well as a CITY CAR and that’s why it’s rocking up the sales . it is fuel efficient,looks good,super spacious,cheap to run and maintain .

    i guess that people need to understand perodua’s vision in making cars first before judging them .

  14. The price you mention is wrong!

    For Myvi,
    Myvi 1.3 G : RM46,100
    Myvi 1.3 X : RM48,100
    Myvi 1.5 H : RM52,000
    Myvi 1.5 Av : RM55,900

    Than if compare with Iriz,
    Iriz 1.3 STD : RM41,000
    Iriz 1.3 EXEC : RM46,100
    Iriz 1.6 EXEC : RM48,200
    Iriz 1.6 PREM : RM52,300

  15. Will you be bringing this out for test drive? Mybe another genting run?😆 I'd like to hear your opinion and comparison with its rival le iriz

  16. please switch on your high beam all the time,and drive slow on the right lane, while doing the genting run,just to be in the Myvi zone !

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