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Reviews in a Flash: Oblivion Song Volume 1

In this segment of Reviews in a Flash, Amanda and Omar review Oblivion Song volume 1 by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici. These segments are SPOILER FREE and done in a flash! We hope you enjoy.

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16 thoughts on “Reviews in a Flash: Oblivion Song Volume 1

  1. you guys need to read vol. 2. Speeds up quite a bit and the way it ends kind of tells you shit's gonna pop off in vol. 3

  2. You should give it a chance. Volume 2 will blow you away. For other people here deciding for just 1 review, please dont do that, watch atleast 3 to 5 reviews. So far 4 out of 5 reviews I've watched really liked this book, just saying.

  3. I thought Oblivion song is really good. I really enjoyed Nathan's internal demons that's how I can relate to the character I mean yes we should have got more back story with all the characters presented in the first volume but I thought it was really entertaining I give a solid four out of five.

    Because I really like the side of would we really focus on something of a series to focus really more on the human aspect.

    And yes I do agree what you said about walking dead I do feel that The Walking Dead series has gone on a little too long. You know I still enjoy The Walking Dead but it is drawn out I think that Robert should have been like end of the Sears at issue 48 and then like continue the series by Foo other group size of its tolerance if you get what I'm saying like you should have ended at 48. Then do installments of the rest of the series through other groups that are in this world and really explore them and really Through The Eyes of these are the groups how the rest of the world is dealing with this crisis but still keep it at a human aspect even though I did enjoy the first 100 issues but I do feel that you should have ended at 48 it just kept on giving us other groups.

    The back to Oblivion song I really enjoyed it I mean I can see your argument about you know the artwork and the story but I think those parts don't kill it for me.
    And I think you guys kind of Rave a little bit low but I can see why you're writing it because I can see that he can be hard with the artwork but I enjoyed that what I thought it was really good in the story yeah it should have had more flashbacks I'll give you as more information about the backstory of these characters

  4. Thank you for this review. I was going to buy this but was waiting for a bigger hardcover as that’s how I have collected TWD books.
    But…maybe I should wait and check out this specific book at a Barnes and Nobles sometime instead before buying. I definitely don’t need more books that aren’t very good.

  5. Totally off topic, sorry guys, but do you have IDW's Transformers Phase 1 Vol 2 Hardcover? For some reason that thing is a bitch to get. Volume 1? No problem! Volume 2? Not a chance in hell lol!

  6. Kirkman's been hit or miss with me. I've only read 2 of his titles, loved TWD, even now, but could'nt get into Outcast, made it to Vol.4 of the trades and it just wasnt doing it for me, so I dropped it. This sounds like it suffers from a similiar problem. I feel like a writer/artist needs to make a clear stand on the tone/story by the end of the first issue or arc (if it starts on a multiple issue arc its gotta be interesting enough to keep you going) When I look for comics, I've only got the cover art to go by (and thats usually my main hook, sometimes they have those guides with everything thats new that month and it has a brief synopsis) and I'll usually buy the first issue or 2 but its gotta hook me fast otherwise I'm dropping it for something more engaging.

  7. Omar a one and calls it a pass. Oh, Omar your wife must really love you we were having sex the other day and she kept screaming your name, LOL. 🙂 Gotcha Just woke up can't see yet hope that was funny and not over the line. I did notice Amanda rocking the curls again and I thought of a grown up Shirly Temple not an insult, kind of heart touching to me and my age, grew up with her and the stooges and abbott and costello. I just woke up don't know what I'm saying yet thx for the video you two and have a great day.

  8. Thanks for the review! You guys do a nice job with these "Reviews in a Flash." Just picked up Gideon Falls Vol. 1 actually, looking forward to reading it soon. Plus, I've just gotta say, you are so pretty Amanda. You actually really remind me of the actress Felicity Jones, you guys could be related so something. Anyway, looking forward to your guys' next review. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the review. This story looks boring and flat, very uninteresting. The artwork doesn’t look too good. This one is a pass.

  10. Great review. Personally, I really like this series. The second arc moves way quicker than the first, and by issue 12 the whole thing with his brother in resolved, and a new threat/problem is introduced (literally in the last few panels). I think you could comfortably read the first two volumes and drop the series feeling satisfied with the story's conclusion. (Although I'm still pulling it monthly). I like the colours, but I agree about the monsters feeling like part of the scenery. 🙂

  11. Why would anyone want to go back to Philly when they had an out? I like it – although u cant tell characters apart, especially those brothers. Walking Dead drawn out? Hush your tongue Heathen!

  12. Thanks for the review guys. Was thinking of getting this but think I'm gonna pass now. I really appreciate these reviews and they really help me to decide if I should add this to my collection or not. Time and space are both at a premium for me so getting an informed opinion on buying /passing on a book is a great help. Keep up the great work ✌️.

  13. Idk about this series, Kirkman is a very good writer but I just don't like most of his work. Marvel Zombies is more enjoyable to me than TWD. And my favorite title from him is over… INVINCIBLE!!

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