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Surface Pro 6 Review 2019

The Surface Pro 6 is a fantastic, powerful and portable machine with fantastic battery life and endless usability.

Come check out my Surface Pro 6 Review in 2019.

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18 thoughts on “Surface Pro 6 Review 2019

  1. I've never owned one of these…but I've had my eye on the surface range for a while.

    Great video, Steve. Congrats on 10K subscribers too!! 👍🏻

  2. Hey,
    Does MC surface pro 6 cover international warranty?
    Would I, be able to get it repaired in other country if I'll buy it from the US?

  3. Nice Review! Few questions I have:

    1. How do you find the overall software experience? Any issues with Win 10 (blue screen of death etc) that you encountered?

    2. How's the overall UI and responsiveness of this device in the 'tablet' mode


  4. Pretty cool and it has some capacity to edit video and play games like that. I haven't tried a Surface since I had the Surface RT back in college haha

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