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watchOS 6.1 is Out! – What’s New?

watchOS 6.1 is now out for all watch OS supported devices. watchOS 6.1 brings support for the new AirPods Pro and support for the Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watch. In this video I go over all the new changes for watch OS 6.1. #iOS #watchOS #Apple

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29 thoughts on “watchOS 6.1 is Out! – What’s New?

  1. The only thing I really wanted were the new watch faces but didn’t get them, they could remove most of those ugly faces like the rainbow ones and add the new good looking ones but nope 🙁

  2. After 6.1 my series 2 the timer app keeps freezing. That’s one of the apps I use the most. Have you heard of anyone with this problem? Battery life is a lot better.

  3. May I know what is the brand of the smart light which can be controlled through Apple devices? Are they available for Android too?

  4. When I activate Airplane mode on my Watch series 4 it disconnects from my phone but after about 10 seconds it reconnects to my phone even though airplane mode is still active.

  5. I reported a bug to Apple that’s stopping me from editing watch faces from the iPhone with the watch app. Some complications are missing from the choices so I can’t add them to the various faces.

  6. Ever since I’ve updated my quick replies in messages is now gone including smart replies. All I can do is dictate, scribble or send emojis. Anyone have this problem or had it and fixed it? Is there a fix?

  7. $199.99 for a watchband!? Man, give me some of that YouTube money! Ha! 😂

    Downloading now… ever since I updated to Watch iOS 6, my series 4 has been extremely slow when "waking" with a tap. Really hoping this fixes it.

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