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#72 Vanishing point Filter In adobe Photoshop

How to use Vanishing Point Filter in adobe Photo-shop, for Perspective Photo on truck, board, cube, room, wall, door etc. explanation of vanishing Point.


Please watch 01 to 71 Basic Photoshop for Better Understand about Photoshop and if you are starting today to learn Photoshop.
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24 thoughts on “#72 Vanishing point Filter In adobe Photoshop

  1. vanishing point सिर्फ चौकोन मै फिट होता है. ये curve मै फिट नाही होता. इसके लिये क्या कर सकते है.

    plz reply.

  2. You are a legend sir. Your each and every tutorial is awesome and full of knowledge.
    Your effort and knowledge is speechless. Love you sir..

  3. sir aap se ek bat puchhna tha agr hum kahi interview ke liye jaye to woha yesa kya bna k dikhana chahiye pehlibar plz sir help me
    mera Email

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