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$859 Onyx BOOX Max3, 13.3″ 450gr E Ink e-reader

BOOX Max3 13.3″ E Ink Tablet available now for $859 at uses a Qualcomm Octa-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, runs Android 9, runs Apps, 2200×1650 resolution display, 4300 mAh battery, offers fingerprint authentication for security, with a 10% weight reduction (compared with Max 2) and 10% size reduction too, power button on the top after customers‘ feedback, flat screen using a PMMA filter will provide a friction-feeling such as the one we have when writing on paper, 64GB internal storage, MicroSD card reader for up to 512GB extra storage, synchronizing notes with the cloud (Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote) and a fast QR code fast doc sharing, Type-C port with OTG which can be used to connect a keyboard and mouse (which can be done over Bluetooth too) micro HDMI input to use as secondary device for a laptop or other device source. Max3 supports gray tones besides the black and white, split the screen showing 2 different files at the same time or 2 different pages of the same file, handwriting and speech recognition using the dual Mic rophones for a better speech recognition and an improved recognition of your handwritten notes and 5GHz WiFi too.

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18 thoughts on “$859 Onyx BOOX Max3, 13.3″ 450gr E Ink e-reader

  1. is the refresh rate fast enough to watch videos/movies? 11:42 I'm watching this on the onyx boox max 2. I get headaches from LED screens

  2. Hi, I would like to use it as a monitor. Did you hear or see anything about that? Do you recommend it as a computer monitor?.

  3. Way over cost at 850 EU well over a grand here , there's a couple of other options for more bang for the same price sorry next at half price maybe .

  4. Distraction vs distraction

    Anyhow it is nice device

    I am waiting for update of my note pro to Android 9 but I have received no notifications untill tiday

  5. 0:59 Who gives a ** about weight of ebook reader?
    The heavier it is the better, it's more realiable

    Now, have they fixed screen refresh mode in Browser mode, so I don't have to check-uncheck screen mode switch every 2 seconds?

  6. This is pure insanity 8 core cpu in eink reader! This world is broken. For this price in Russian rubles I can buy Kyocera ECOSYS P5021cdn or something like it for 12 000 Rub, 10 kg of laser toner for like 10 000 Rub and tons of paper. And could make my own books at home for like 2-3-5, who knows, years. Yeah, it`s like the problems of the third world, but this price and 8 core cpu is stupid marketing for such a high price.

    Thank you for this review as usual, Charbax. This guy is your stable client :).

  7. price is too High … this technology has potential but you can have 2 gorgeous tablets by chewi or any other windows tab manufacturers .

  8. Why dont they make smartphones with this e ink tech? I am okay with black and white couleurs, battery life is more important to me

  9. Way too expensive, if it was maybe €450 they would have a market, but clearly at this price it is targeted at the commercial space, where they will buy these in lots of 10's or 100's or 1000's, things like education, medical, and, legal

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