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A Game Changer? | Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut Review

Thermal paste solutions are messy, inconsistent, and impermanent. They’ll need replacing every 1-3 years in most cases, assuming you’re concerned about rising CPU temps. But what if I told you Thermal Grizzly invented a reusable, permanent solution for TIM?

Check out Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut:

Other tested components in this video:

Arctic MX-4
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Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut
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Ryzen 5 2600X
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26 thoughts on “A Game Changer? | Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut Review

  1. Mx-4 has 8.5 W/(mK) conductivity, why is the 62 or so from the pad not making that much of a difference? Pad thickness? If so, then why do they use that figure ?

  2. 62.5 W/mk is in the XY plane. In the Z direction is less than 10% of that. This means it spreads heat very evenly but doesn't let go of that heat any better than a good cheap paste.
    Also MX4 vs Kryonaut is subjective. 2-4 degrees max difference in Kryo's bench but a huge price/quantity advantage for MX4.
    I for one am a MX4 adept. I still have a little more in a 4g tube I bought about 6 years ago and used on both my desktop and laptop bi-yearly.

    Still, it's a great product for casual users, not for those looking to squeeze the most flops for each buck they spend.

  3. Id like to press some great importance on the performance of thermal pads:
    Thermal paste does perform much better but however since everybody is testing this with fresh thermal paste to run benchmarks,
    After about 1 or 2 months with the best thermal paste applied you will soon be having temps higher then a CPU that uses the thermal pad.
    Yes thermal paste dry up that fast especially around the edges.

  4. Is 39 idle on my i9 9900k normal or ok? Or should I try cleaning off the pre applied thermal paste and apply a fresh new one?

  5. Why does nobody wear gloves when handling? You're definitely adding finger oils to the pad and they're basically there forever now.

  6. Apparently Panasonic has been offering graphite thermal pads for around ten years. It might be interesting to compare the Carbonaut and IC thermal pad against Panasonic's PGS and soft PGS.

  7. i am trying to find this product in australia, and for a ryzen 2600, can anyone suggest were i can buy it and the size needed for a ryzen 2600?

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