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A look back at year one | Hook Line & Chill

Our channel started on July 14, 2018 and this video is a review of that first year. Lots of changes and adjustments during this time. Some behind the scenes info given. Hope to have a better second year! Thanks for watching. You’re still reading this? Watch the video.

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23 thoughts on “A look back at year one | Hook Line & Chill

  1. I never get what the heck you are saying or what the heck you are talking about, just shut up and do the videos.

  2. Been trying to catch up on the older vids while recovering from shoulder surgery.
    I did not know what to expect, and in all honesty, I was at first attracted to your channel because of the girls on here.
    sure, they are very attractive, but they are also REAL!
    I loved your brief interviews with them and the interaction between you and and the girls.
    I find your channel to be ENTERTAINING!
    And Michael, I find your dry sense of humor to be refreshing for some reason.
    Keep doing what you are doing. Keeping it real, and keeping it FUN!

  3. I'm a fairly new subscriber i remember seeing hook line and brick and it was gone . I do like your videos very much . Thank you. 😊👍👍

  4. It's fun to watch young women, young men and dogs on their first time fishing catchings fish. They are enjoying their time on your boat and I/we are enjoying your videos, keep up your great videos

  5. I knew the gopro was a joke. I love dogs I have 2 and a cat; that I think is really a dog trapped in a cat. He rolls over for belly rubs, and any cat I've known rolls over and wants to fight. I have had a lot of fun watching you guys.

  6. The only reason I now know that you did see Nina on that episode is because you said. I thought you may have been punishing her or just plain playing a joke cause I swore you looked over at one point,. So yeah that was a good one; you definitely got me

  7. we all love us some video of Nina. I truely mean this out of respect that she is the girl next door with the natural beauty and humor that she is approachable and confident. please continue her exploits and giddy humor over a huge fish. We a get it every time we hook one.

  8. I found your channel about 2 weeks ago and by now have seen most of your videos. Your work is well done, iinteresting, and entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  9. I just came across this video and wanted to tell you that I am a subscriber and an enjoyer of all of your videos that I have seen so far. I hope things continue to go well for you. I would hate to try and find something to take your place because I would only be let down time and time again !!!

  10. where does your son fit in mike and is his Mum still around, Hope I am not being to nosey but as you get more well known you will get these questions sometimes, It`s just you are well-liked. so Kindest of Regards to you, x For Nina and the gals.

  11. When I first started watching you I thought I was just watching a trot line show. I was impressed that there were girls (women) who were interested in taking catfish off the hooks. Then I thought all the women were the same woman just dressed differently. Finally figured that one out. Since you didn’t mention the 500 lb contest I’m assuming it’s for real. Get that other 5 lbs.
    wish you the best of fortune in future episodes.

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