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A LOT OF PANDAS: Tag with Ryan vs Panda Run Gameplay FHD (Android/iOS)

COMBO PANDA vs LITTLE PANDA vs BIG PANDA: Tag with Ryan vs Panda Run – who is win?!

Combo Panda, the ultimate gamer, has discovered and hacked a new video game and has modified it to challenge his friend Ryan to an endless, ultimate game of tag! To get Ryan Toysreview to join the challenge, Combo Panda has hidden Ryan’s different costumes all over the game, and his friend Gus the VTuber is helping guard them. See if you have what it takes to outrun Combo Panda and unlock all of Ryan’s costumes in Tag with Ryan, the coolest new endless runner game for ALL AGES!

– Collect all of Ryan’s cool costumes
– Explore incredible environments
– Upgrade your costumes and use amazing power-ups
– Speed through levels in awesome vehicles
– Explore new missions every day
– Easy to learn and free to play

Brace yourself for a crouching start in this action-packed game set in the streets of ancient Chinese cities! Panda Run is a FREE innovative, fast-paced running game featuring an adorably cute running panda bear. Are you ready to test your speed, reflexes, and endurance?

Tilt your device to steer Swipe up on the screen to jump Swipe down to slide under obstacles. Swipe left or right to turn. Timing is important!

Welcome to ancient China, a place of mystique and ancient treasures. The exotic landscape bustles with life and color, and the maze-like streets hide mysteries and dark secrets. Here also are many dangers, including the most dangerous gang in the Orient: the Panda Triad.

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