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Karak sits down to discuss A Plague Tale Innocence for review.

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39 thoughts on “A Plague Tale: Innocence Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

  1. I own almost every Triple A Title out there for the Playstation 4. But this is one game that I dont own.. Shocking to because I'm into games like this and I really loved playing Hellblade. Guess it's time to go out and buy this game. Graphics look amazing and sneaking around enemies and running from hordes of Evil rats. What's there not to like about that… I gotta go out and buy this game today or tomorrow.

  2. So glad that this game is getting the recognition it deserves. Managed to get it whilst it was on sale on Xbox a few weeks back, but would've definitely paid full price if I knew how good it was going to be. Definitely deserves to be up there in some of the GOTY categories

  3. I always like your reviews but man, you said that the antialiasing was amazing and at 4k I’m sure it looks good but in my opinion it’s a horrible implementation

  4. This is the first positive review I have seen of this – I looked forward to it and then didn't buy because I'd the poor reviews. I don't mind the interactive story genre – puzzles you don't need a walk through for, action you don't need 16yr old reflexes for, and no forced multi-player. Will check it out now.

  5. Great review, just completed the game today and overall I liked the concept. I had a few issues with the wonky targeting at times and the skills or equipment that under performed in certain sections. Definitely worth the time to play if anyone was on the fence.

  6. Just finished the game. Have to say that It is one of the gorgeous game out there and runs butter smooth on r9 285 2 gb at ultra 900p. Very commendable job from Asobo. What an optimized game and what a story!!!

  7. This reminds me of The Order 1886. Short and sweet campaign, well put together, good story. I do like the fact that it is only roughly 13 hours in length. I work a lot and drink a lot so I get overwhelmed by games like Odyssey or Borderlands with so much to do. Although I am a huge fan of utilizing the environment and this does not seem to do it, I will still be picking it up tonight regardless.

  8. The only complaint I have with this game is that most of the times the puzzles are way too easy and you have abundance of resources which normally is not the case with survival games. But the story, voice acting, beautiful vistas and interesting characters over shadowed these minor nuisances. I recommended this game almost to everyone.

  9. The idea of "replay value" needs to be re-examined. People watch movies and read books that they like multiple times, even though they are completely linear. Art can be experienced multiple times without it changing; whether for experiencing its sheer beauty, or for different interpretations.

  10. The only DLC that this game contains is 3 different coat of arms robes that Amecia can wear during the game but other that that this game is amazing! And in my opinion it's really good to see a game portray the Black Death in such a creepy and shocking way it is very good and I'm a sucker for Medieval games it's amazing!! And the brother and sister relationship between Amecia and Hugo is quite relatable.

  11. "The two mains play off each other really well, and as more people are added to the story, including monks, thieves, and masked medieval versions of Revan from KotOR and others…"

    He went there. Hilarious.

  12. It is sad that these kind of story driven games are becoming rare and rare these days where microtransaction are shoved into our mouth and battleroyal games becoming a real plague. I really enjoyed the game and its awesome story, it forced me to get invested to main characters and worried about them especially Hugo. I hope we gonna have more games like this to play in the future.

  13. This game is set in France made by French of France voiced by French and English and I got to say I am very glad to see the French gaming industry making decent games 🙂

  14. Focus and excellent pacing are probably two of the best factors of this game, and ones I haven't seen discussed that often. Yeah, it's a niche game gameplay-wise and even story-wise at times, but if it's your jam, this game should delight you. Fair review, thanks for the video.

  15. I wish there was more of an autopilot option for gameplay. The story and atmosphere sound great, the main gapeplay loop is not my jam…

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