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Come and see my experiences with Malaysia Airlines in Economy Class on their 737-800 from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, Australia – let’s just say it was a big contrast to my flight from LHR – KUL… featuring the seats, aircraft, catering and crew I’ll show you what it’s like to fly with Malaysia Airlines!

Link to MH A350 Review:

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23 thoughts on “A Real Contrast… Malaysia Airlines 737-800 Economy Class REVIEW | KUL-PER

  1. The noise thing in the Malaysian airport brings memories, I miss Malaysia but I'm going there tomorrow! I'm going to Heathrow tomorrow and will arrive in Malaysia the next day. FINALLY I CAN GO BACK TO MALAYSIA FOR 3 WEEKS!

  2. Some of the gates actually have 2 aerobridges for narrowbody aircraft, so 2 different flights can utilize both jetbridges at the same time. In ur case it's G6A & G6B. The same gate also can be utilized by domestic flights (same level as gate) and international flights (one level up)

  3. Thank you choosing a Malaysian , we have this love and hate relationship with our national flag carrier that having some trouble and issues right now. MAS used to be one of the best airlines in the world but it going down but we do hope the best for our MAS to fly high again. We always proud with MAS but 1st thing 1st, must remove all those top management from their seat.

  4. Those two white 747 are at no one disposals. Absolutely no one! Yet no one shows any interest of buying them due to unpaid parking fee ever since

  5. The “curry” you ate is actually supposed to be eaten with rice. It’s called sambal. The whole dish is called a Nasi Lemak and is also often eaten with fried chicken, which I personally like!

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