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Adobe Generator – Photoshop CC 14.1

Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to use Adobe Generator

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22 thoughts on “Adobe Generator – Photoshop CC 14.1

  1. A Quick question here… Currently generated images are optimized. How can we make it progressive? is there any option within the generator?

  2. Great, Great……………………………Great tutorial. Thanks Photoshop Training Channel. thanks very help for me because i am a web designer. Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi, "generator" seems very promising at improving or even completely changing one's workflow. I have a question concerning css sprites. Yes we can optimise each image for quality but still remain with numerous images. each image regardless of size is a requestto the server. Google specifically recommends sprites for this reason. Seems to me if one decides to capitalise on the generator workflow the sprites benefit is lost ? How can this be achieved. Any thoughts/suggestions ?
    BLESS !

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