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Air Jordan Winter Loyal Blue WInterized Retro Sneaker Early Detailed Review DO NOT BUY TIL YOU WATCH

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33 thoughts on “Air Jordan Winter Loyal Blue WInterized Retro Sneaker Early Detailed Review DO NOT BUY TIL YOU WATCH

  1. Watch the WHAT THE 4 Air Jordan Retro and more Here :

  2. Nike/JB have really fixed the shape of 4s. The toebox used to be real boxy looking. The shape on these and the "What the 4s" is beautiful!

  3. Bottom line the 4s which I personally can’t wait for will be just like the winterized 12s last year which I also loved . They sold out in cold weather cities like here in nyc & sat in warmer weather cities. The 4s will be the same.

  4. These are definitely a cop, but I just can't pull the trigger at $200. I'll stick with a good pair of Timberlands for my winter needs lol

  5. Thanks for review. My question is on the 4’s and since they are winters are they so insulted so to say that wearing them in summer is a no go?

  6. Yo Delz, the Winter 4 release date is December 21st. I saw the Footlocker manager's release calendar in-store with my own eyes, confirmed.

  7. These straight 🔥 🔥 firefighter 👩‍🚒 🔥 🔥…I’ve already named’em the Eminem Winter Blues !!! Cool Aye…I had another bulb go off…they usually burst when I get 2 close…another story there…but JB/NK should have COMBINED the MMs and WTFs in a PACK !! Now that would have been REAL 🔥 I know u can just buy both but it would have been super dope in a pack 30th winter blues pack AWESOME hey I should work at NK ! ? Pizza 🍕 party 🥳….come on would think that they do care ! Thanks 🙏

  8. Winterized still deserves Nike Air on the back imo thats my small critique but other than that these are Sicc for a non OG colorway 💯 Bloodlines are sicc too JB caught me off guard with these

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