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Ana – IO CARRY Gameplay | OG vs Liquid Game 4 | Grand Final TI9 Dota 2 Pro

Dota 2 Pro – Ana IO CARRY Full Gameplay POV Main Event The International 2019 | TI 2019 | TI9 | TI 9
The International 2019 MainEvent Final Day 6 Stream Now English Cast | Grandfinal Championships | Grand Finals | Dota 2 Live Game | Best of 5
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25 thoughts on “Ana – IO CARRY Gameplay | OG vs Liquid Game 4 | Grand Final TI9 Dota 2 Pro

  1. Miracle bad pick.. ana going with that io meta.. topson diffusal clever move.. notail abba+io really top best tank in dota. I miss 1 hero so much in this game that can destroy og.. did u guys guess it? Comment plz…

  2. 22:30 ana dominate Kuroky's creep and ana uses it to net Miracle
    25:15 ana uses the dominated creep to purge and slow Miracle
    This God is insane, and yet somehow he jokingly say
    "I dont know what the fucks going on, I cant even see my own hero"

  3. Respect to his farming but liquid was just simply outdrafted in this game. It was like 4v5 because io was farming the whole game. But those spirits can do consistently moderate damage though

  4. This io strat is op. Did this on archon rank and they dont know what to do with it. That and that no one in legend below rank buys bkb.

  5. Bruh I seriously subscribe to you because of these videos so I can analyze then. Can I recommend uploading supports perspective too? Specifically JeAx

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