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Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) vs. Under Armour True Wireless Flash

In this video I wanted to compare the Under Armour® True Wireless Flash to the Apple AirPods (2nd Gen). I am a big fan of both of these options for wireless headphones. The Under Armour® True Wireless Flash headphones are Engineered by JBL and a great option for active users. I still default back to the AirPods for the fit and finish and the iOS integration.

Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL®

Apple AirPods:

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17 thoughts on “Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) vs. Under Armour True Wireless Flash

  1. Good review, but if I can just give some advice. I am big on doing your research before you make a review video. You knew nothing about the Talk Thru feature, you said they are IPX7 "you believe", you didn't even know, and also you kept saying the ear buds were from Under Armour which they are not, they are from JBL. The only thing from Under Armour is the logo. JBL paired with Under Armour simply for the branding. They are basically the same thing as the JBL Reflect Flows with the Under Armour logo

  2. Hey, love the review! I actually went and bought a pair of the “rock/gold” earbuds after your review! I have been a apple fan my whole life, but I have a small ranch and I use my apple earbuds while I mow, they do not stand up too me, I bought my 3rd one…I have loved them so I kept buying them, but they don’t hold up to the other products that are more water “resistant” like the other product you are reviewing. Thanks again, have a blessed day!

  3. Hey, loved the review. Also wanted to ask you if you had any connectivity issues with the left earbud in the under armor, as for me it sometimes doesn't turn on automatically when taking it out of the case as the right one does. Would appreciate any feedback!

  4. Thank god i don't have to use Bluetooth all the time because my phone have a headphone jack, iPhone users have to use the airpods all the time so in a few years they just might get cancer and the doctor won't tell you how you get it… 😏

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