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Klipsch’s new true wireless headphones are a classy, high-end pair of AirPod killers with better battery life, sweat proofing, and one of the prettiest charging cases you’ll ever see. In our hands-on review, we take a look at what makes these brand new headphones so great.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds Review:

Apple Airpods Review:

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds:

Apple Airpods:



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39 thoughts on “Apple AirPods vs. Klipsch T5 | With Klipsch sound, is it even a contest?

  1. How is connectivity? I have the kipshc R6 BT and the connection is really bad, If I'm more than 2 feet away from my cellphone I lost connection. Also, the big problem with the R6 is that if I want to change the connection between my cell and my computer I have to go to the settings of the previous connection and unplug them, If I don't do that, I cant connect them to a new device.

  2. Klipsch is my go-to speaker. Love the brand. Have them in every room. Have never been impressed with Klipsch headphones however. Glad they're stepping up that part of their biz.

  3. would prefer if that horrible Klipsch type logo wasn't on there… I wouldn't buy them purely cause of the ugly design… and no mic?? wtf?

  4. Love my Klipsch speakers, haven’t tried these wireless earphones but I have standard EarPods from Apple and they sound great to me too👍🏻

  5. Any in ear is better than the Apple sound wise. so nothing special here. better to be compared with Sennheiser, Cambridge Audio

  6. Since the Airpods are available without a wireless charging case, would it not have been fairer to compare the cost of that iteration against the Klipsch wireless earbuds?

  7. Why do reviewers apologize for calling out that some Apple things are not as great as they're made out to be, or that there are better alternatives? You lose credibility when you do that. The air pods are actually a great Bluetooth accessory that solved the first world problem of those extra 2-3 seconds that it takes to connect to your phone. I say accessory because as an earphone, you can only describe them as 'not horrible' and yet, they get compared to genuine audio products from companies with serious pedigree. Does an audio product ever stop being an audio product first? Apprently in the minds(?) of customers and some reviewers, it does when Apple makes a convenience-first electronic thingy that happens to go in your ear.

  8. I got a pair of wired klipsch and they are the best sounding ear phones ever. If these sound like the wired ones then it's no comparison. I also have air pods, Bose sport free and other wireless ear buds.

  9. That’s weird that people will wear headphones to be noticed versus wearing them for the sound quality. What is that about?

  10. @DIGITAL TRENDS thank you for the video, I would like to ask if you can please review the klipsch vs the new Bose sport free wireless that would be a great video and I have not seen one yet, and thank you for the videos!

  11. One of.ghe main difference in choice is ear plug vs non plug.

    I.hate pluggingy ears. It's uncomfortable. Even though it sounds better, I can't keep.them in my ear for long

  12. I love my klipsch R6 i (ii) and if I were to buy a wireless earbuds I would not choose the klipsch just because it would not work in Singapore with how humid and hot it is here. It’s basically asking to burn my thigh if i’m wearing shorts or jeans whereas the airpods would be perfect and will not be obvious in my pockets and neither would it be too hot to touch on days hitting 31-34 degrees celsius(feels like 34 to 37 degrees celsius).

  13. It’s just annoying when people try to compare things that aren’t done on a fair level, and bash whatever one is obviously not in favor. Apple made these as an upgrade to their wired earbuds and undoubtedly started the trend of similar wireless earbuds, of course most companies followed suit. Apple paves the way as in most situations and people just like to compare things that are released later on and improved to them and try to hate on the prior mode

  14. all garbage, Hint Sony has LDAC and this level of sound is superior to these generic un innovative BS ear buds, stop selling garbage mediocre tech. innovate already! this is backwards sound

  15. It is important to note that noise isolating earbuds are expected to have better sound than non-isolating, but you do not want to wear them while walking, jogging, riding a bike, etc. I have no experience with either of these products so I am not endorsing one over the other I'm just pointing out an important caveat that was not mentioned in the video.

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