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Hands-on with the Apple TV app on iPads, Apple TV and Samsung TVs.

Watch Apple’s TV Plus event highlights

You can buy Apple TV 4K on Amazon here:

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26 thoughts on “Apple TV 2019: Everything to know

  1. So my question is why would you have Apple TV like what's the point when you could just have Hulu Netflix HBO epic Starz Showtime when Apple TV uses them

  2. Dude, you didn't talk about the Apple TV device, you basically only talked about the Apple TV App.

    You should change the title of the video to 'Apple TV App 2019 – Everything you need to know'

  3. I'm struggling to find a reason to get this. It seems like all the possible content is entirely subscription based. If it doesn't offer a substantial amount of free content, then I'm simply not interested.

  4. Yes it’s not Netflix it actually has real A Grade actors and plots 😎 it’s better then all the competition hands down. Apple TV way cool has been for like 10 years plus

  5. people in the comments dont realize that this video isnt really about the apple tv box but the new app which is also included in non-apple hardware (smart tvs, streaming sticks, etc.) for free

  6. I have an Apple TV because I’ve purchased hundreds of movies from iTunes over a decade. I can watch those movies on all Apple devices, including my Apple TV. The fact that I can use streaming apps is a bonus.

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