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The ASUS Mothership flips the traditional laptop design on its head in order to prioritize cooling and thermals. Instead of having all the hardware under the keyboard, it’s all behind the screen. In this detailed thermal testing we’ll see if the custom cooling solution is able to keep the 8 core overclocked i9-9980HK CPU and Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics cool.

I’ll investigate undervolting, overclocking, and show you how hot the laptop gets while gaming and under combined CPU and GPU stress test with different settings, let you listen to total system fan noise and see hot spots with a thermal camera.

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40 thoughts on “ASUS Mothership Thermals – RTX 2080 + i9-9980HK Running Cool?

  1. Puts in touchscreen 4k 120hz antiglare screen tech with gaming grade stylus pen for art and game design/rts wargaming and tps gaming. Then makes all in one desktop with same specs to compete with Lenovo and apple.

  2. This thing is a fucking joke with the 1080p display.All that fire power to have inferior gaming fidelity? What a joke.

  3. I never ever played games on this monster, only I use it for multimedia, if U wanna gaming game on PS4 or PC gaming ,not on laptop,its loud like jumbo jet,but its beautiful on the other hand only for looking on table and for multimedia,xd….

  4. hey Jarrod , do u think the ROG Zephyrus S (GX701GVR) is worth the money ? or should i wait for the 10th gen intel cpus to come out ? rn i got the msi ge73vr 7rf raider for almost 2 years and im not to happy about it . GPU is good , but the CPU is such a heavy bottleneck on it . i play mostly apex legends / siege / league of legends and putting everything on low to utilize the 120hz screen , but every lets say 5 min my fps would drop to 4 fps for a good second and then it goes back to normal . most of the time i push 120 + fps and i clean the laptop every 2 months . do u think i should get a laptop again or get something like the corsair one ? (small pc case with good performance) . i got 2,000€ to play around but would like u to help me out a bit . i did buy my msi laptop because of your review 😛

  5. If you work in Optimus mode. Without dedicated Graphics. You still have noticeable fan noise? Was considering to get one.

  6. mobile All in One monitor. my imagination is puting battery and speaker at monitor. fullsize GPU or bigger cooling solution below keyboard. but this remove flexiblelity of a laptop.. just call it portable all in one monitor with built in stand. i dont see this as a laptop..

  7. at least u get the full performance not like many other laptops where they struggle to boost high at good temps..sorry my english is bad

  8. I wish for silent mode they cut the CPU TDP to 35 watts and GPU to max q levels – 90 watts, that way it would be truly quiet but would still perform really well and far above most gaming laptops. I mean there are 2 more performance modes for those who need it, I don't get why make silent mode so powerful that it's as loud as, say Helios 300 in normal mode if performance for most games is gonna be just enough.

  9. The only thing I don't like about this is people calling it a "laptop." I don't think I could be in a recliner with this thing on my lap without having a ton of trouble. So it's a portable AIO PC, not a laptop.

  10. hear my thought?
    thank you for showing me a benchmark of something that I will never have a chance to like even get a single touch of it

    also nice vids as always

  11. Was worried it didn't have an X in the name. 9:32 phew!

    As others have stated, it'll be interesting to see if they extend this design to lower spec/lower-ish priced models. Congrats on getting close to this thing, and thanks for showing it off to us 🤤

  12. Impressively built machine for insane performance! Not surprising it costs several kidneys. But really glad to see innovation like this, even if few people will buy this unit

  13. Can't believe they can't make a silent but well performing fan with Noctua or something… it's way too loud.

  14. I don't understand selling this with a 4k 60hz screen. Would much rather prefer a high refresh rate 1080p or 1440p screen with those specs.

  15. Thanks for video. I have a question for you. Can you test Dell G5 5590 (1660 Ti) and compare with Lenovo y540 and Acer Helios 300. You are best review channel and i trust you so much.

  16. Remember, that's running an actual desktop CPU. You're supposed to overvolt them to push the performance! Just make sure to add in another power brick!

  17. This design is genius 👌..wish asus gives us something like 9750h+1660ti with this setup,make the bezels go thinner in 17.3" format😋

  18. I am waiting your review on hp omen 17t 9880h + 2080. That machine are beast and bang for buck. Only need improve on cooler part

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