26 thoughts on “ASUS ROG Strix Scar III G531GW Review – The 8-CORE i9 GAMING LAPTOP!

  1. the half-height enter key is because it's a US keyboard, UK keyboards will have a full size one… this is distinguishable by the varied key layout for example the @ button is in place of the " button and so on.

  2. I need some serious advice…I’m studying in school and I want a gaming laptop tht can b used for work and gaming…but mostly gaming…I saw the Zephyrus S GX502 and liked the design elements….but when I went to the ASUS store the guy told me to consider getting this laptop…any recommendations or advice pls on which one to go for?

  3. Really liked this review. I’ve been trying to find a review which tells me how many m.2 slots this has. I’m going to get one of these when they’re available in Canada. Hopefully I’ll be able to find one with the 9750, 2070, and just a regular hard drive so I can install my own NVMe drive.

  4. Maybe time to ditch Microsoft Windows 10 and install TrueOS and COMODO Anti-Virus or at the very least force Windows to ditch Winnt64.dll and operate via the new Linux Kernel if that is possible.

  5. How long the the life of a gaming laptop? Want to play pc games at on the go (plugged into power though), but scared of spending a few thousand and it only last a few years.

  6. So much money for an 8core laptop which doesnt have a single thunderbolt 3 in 2019. It's like they wanted to build a semi workstation but semi gaming laptop also. I really dont know which fckin games will use 8 cores but ok..

  7. Why in this video does the battery have the ASUS logo on it and in tally ho techs vid it has the ROG logo?

  8. your willingness to quote the panel as "IPS-Level" and not quote what the panel type actually is, either shows that you're incompetent enough to not care about the panel type, or willing to pedal manufacturer bullshit to the point that it is more important to you than facts. Either way this video is shit and your channel shows a lack of credibility for your organisation…

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