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AVForums Podcast: 14th Oct ’19 – Panasonic GZ2000 review, JVC Firmware update, HFR, PS5 and more

00:00:00 – Sponsor Message
00:00:44 – What have we done this week?
00:14:25 – Current Competitions
00:17:35 – Steve reviews the new JVC Frame Adaptive technology firmware update for N series projectors
00:26:31 – Phil reviews the Panasonic GZ2000 OLED TV
00:41:27 – Mark discusses the new Playstation 5 information
00:54:08 – Steve reviews Gemini Man in 3D HFR
01:09:19 – Cinema releases this week
01:10:28 – 4K & Blu-ray discs released this week
01:17:35 – Streaming releases this week
01:23:37 – With Zombieland returning to the big screen, which small scale movies would we like to have a sequel?
01:35:08 – Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Ed Selley, Cas Harlow and Mark Botwright

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7 thoughts on “AVForums Podcast: 14th Oct ’19 – Panasonic GZ2000 review, JVC Firmware update, HFR, PS5 and more

  1. I already have an FZ802, but i am thinking about getting the GZ950, is there much diffrence between the too. Becouse at the moment i use the FZ for movies 90% of the time and stream Netflix and Amazon and there is some macro blocking, will there be less on the GZ or not.

  2. Maybe the panasonic 2000 will be worth to spend a few hundred more for durablity because of the better cooling of the panel.. And if you do not have a high demanding criteria of the most ultimate sound which you would get from an expensive soundbar.. becauseI think the sound from the 2000 will be at a reasonable high level.
    So, buying a standard soundbar will not be suitable to make the panasonic 950g a better sounding duo than the 2000 on its own with the in build speakers.
    So if you could use the 950g "ONLY "5 years before it breaks or burns out.. And if you could keep the 2000, 10 years before it brakes down.. Then for the Gz950 you would have to buy two times 1.500 pounds,.. makes 3.000 and a soundbar of 500 pounds is 3500 pounds.
    That makes the 2000,… 500 pounds cheaper..

  3. I saw gemini man in orlando last friday..hfr 3d..the film is rubbish and the digital will smith was hit and miss..the hfr was horrible..didn't look like a movie at all ..however the 3d was excellent with no cross talk ..definition was superb

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