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Balanced offense lifts Tribe past Angels | Angels-Indians Game Highlights 8/3/19

Condensed Game: Francisco Lindor, Carlos Santana, and Jason Kipnis each belted home runs to propel the Indians to a 7-2 win over the Angels

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22 thoughts on “Balanced offense lifts Tribe past Angels | Angels-Indians Game Highlights 8/3/19

  1. That was weird. He seemingly rolled his left ankle but noticed he was hopping on his left leg. So somehow he strained his right knee during that left ankle roll. That's not a good sign because no obvious contact.

  2. They didn't show it here but Baker Mayfield shotgun a beer and the crowd went nuts in the bottom of the 5th and then the Hrs came .

  3. The Angels played well against the Dodgers, then they get man-handled by the Indians. That says a lot about the Indians.

  4. Trout MVP still but another wasted season by the angels smh lol the angels pitching staff is a joke! fire assmus plus Trout should of signed with the phillies but the angels had a chance after sweeping the dodgers wow

  5. this team is going to be good in the playoffs if they can get past the wiild card yankees astros watch out for Puig and his licking bat of justice lol

  6. Indians as a yankee fan can u please beat the twins. And the rest of the wild card teams please make sure the twins don’t make the playoffs. Thanks

  7. When the ballpark is packed like this at night it's such a lit atmosphere and I just love the new Indians red unis they are amazing I hope they have a better year in the playoffs this time around.

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