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Best hotel on Street 136, Sun & Moon Urban Hotel, PHNOM PENH CAMBODIA.

Guest friendly hotel in PHNOM PENH CAMBODIA. Full hotel review of the Sun & Moon URBAN hotel. As I walk from street 13 and street 136 and describe and show you what is around the Sun & Moon Urban Hotel like laundry shops, hostess bars, restaurants, convenient stores and massage shops and more. Show you why the Sun & Moon Urban hotel in PHNOM PENH CAMBODIA is in a great location near Riverside and in the best hostess street in PHNOM PENH which is street 136. I show you the facilities in the Sun & Moon Urban Hotel like the spa, gym, INFINITY pool and cloud 9 skybar. As well as the DELUXE King Room. A full review of the Sun & Moon Urban Hotel on street 136 in PHNOM PENH CAMBODIA. A great PHNOM PENH hotel which is also guest friendly.Thank you and please subscribe to Pattaya Slyman




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20 thoughts on “Best hotel on Street 136, SUN & MOON URBAN HOTEL, PHNOM PENH CAMBODIA

  1. Great review of this hotel you've 100% made my mind up I'm going to Cambodia this year and staying at this hotel one quick question how many days would you recommend 10 or 14 days?

  2. This looks like a fantastic hotel and fantastic location for ladies and nightlife by the way I'm looking at booking a holiday to either Cambodia or Vietnam what place is better Cambodia or Vietnam?

  3. Just discovered your channel while searching hotels in Cambodia. Great video. Consider me subscribed. Regarding the price of hotels, I always think that you should treat yourself and splash out on a decent hotel. I haven’t got a well paid job but I do save up as a great hotel can make all the difference to your vacation.

  4. @3:27 Wow! It is actually quite good for those who want to open a Phnom Penh chapter of the "Pattya Flying club"

    The cold jacuzzi works great when you need to wake up quick;y after a heavy night out.

  5. How much do you enjoy going to Cambodia? From what I've seen, it is no comparison to Pattaya. For myself Pattaya appears to be a man's playground and Heaven.

  6. That was an excellent review Mr Slyman! You said there was no view or balcony in your room. Did you at least have windows in your room? The pool, gym and spa look great!

  7. Many thanks for this video I'm actually staying at this hotel on my first trip to phnom Penh so thanks for the information

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