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Bike Road Trip in Vietnam 🇻🇳

■ Da Nang Vietnam: going on a scooter road trip in Vietnam In this video I rent a scooter and go on a road trip in Vietnam Da nang
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Intro from Panzoid

My camera setup:

Canon Vixia HF R800

Joby Tripod

Directional microphone

Editing software

Hp Notebook


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20 thoughts on “Bike Road Trip in Vietnam 🇻🇳

  1. Haiti standup………. Thanks for the Vietnam videos Live your show us a place that not many people know about……. Keep the videos Coming my Brother…….

  2. Hey Ace, nice video. It is nice to see you smiling, out & about, adventuresome & enjoying that zest for life. Over time you meet many characters in South East Asia. You kind of remind me of an old friend & mentor. His real name was Colin but us fellas all called him "Sir Playsalot". He liked to joke around & usually in good spirits. He was from the UK, short, burly & muscular. His BIG CLAIM TO FAME WAS THE LADIES. They all loved him. He could smooth talk many women & have them out of their shorts & tops in less than 10 minutes. I would see him all over the place, from GOA, PHUKET, BALI, in the south to as far north as SUBIC/ OLONGAPO. Like many of the Character out here, there was a lot of Urban Legend & Folklore that surrounded him. Some true, some questionable but such is life. It was rumored that he was an OG member of IBR, THE INTERNATIONAL BODY ROCKERS, London Chapter. He said to many that he was an Honorary Member of PWP, PLAYERS WITH PASSPORTS outta Oakland, Cali, this was not confirmed. The last time I met him we where on a small Malaysian island out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by jungle. Hell, half the island was jungle. There were a few hotels, a boarding house, a dive shop, a sea salvage operation, 11 bars or so & about 21 small Love Shacks & many sweet ladies. This settlement was frequented by Oil Rig Workers, Merchant Seamen , Regional fishermen & assorted beach bums. They worked hard & played. hard. There were no tourists & folks wanted to keep it that way. Anyway, we sat at a bar, Sir Playsalot & few others enjoying a Cold one, grilled chicken & some delicious snake meat. He got up to stumble to his spot, where he was staying. He looked back at me, with a big grin on his face & said in his British accent "CARRY ON & TALLY HOE, TALLY HOE, YOUNG PLAYER. That was the late time I saw him. Months later, I found out he died from a motorbike accident up near Bangkok. RIP Colin. Anyway Ace, enjoy yourself. I would like to say to you in the words of Sir Playsalot, "CARRY ON & TALLY HOE, TALLY HOE, YOUNG PLAYER". STAY UP & PEACE MY BROTHER.

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