34 thoughts on “Blade & Soul Russia (PlayBNS) – How to Solo Sea Snake Supply Base (POH6) – Assassin

  1. Oh man I miss so much the RU server… The players were better. I still remember when we tried Lab4 and maybe we failed 3 times, people didn't argue about EVERYTHING like in EU. We failed? Well, try again. EU is full of crybabies -_- I never arguered with anyone in more than 1 year in the RU playing all day (sigh)

  2. Hi. Nice video.
    Can you explain your how you stab with out losing your foucs or stay invisible for a long time.

  3. You look too tall to be a lyn, and too cute! your character is very cute!
    are you a jin with the oportunity to have tail and ears like a lyn? orrr?

  4. I may be a noob lol cx but how do u do that thing when ur in stealth and hit them like forever, but u dont lose ur stealth? Dafuq? XD plz help me

  5. do you sharing your character profile ? i love it alot and it looks really cute 🙂 if you could i would be very happy, but if you don't want to its totally fine.

  6. What are you using to cast both I assume Lightning Pierce and Heart Stab at the same time? Is it just pressing them at same time or what? Is this a later patch where you can do it or is it possible on the current release of the NA/EU version of the game?

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