24 thoughts on “Blade & soul Russian English patch tutorial

  1. @Twehbie  jo bro . you need to update your tutorial. because the engpatch and the uncensorpatch are integrated into the russian installer now. just click the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the launcher. next to the – and the x. if you do not have russian font than you will see the options with "?????". the first line is for language. select the right point for english. the second line is for uncensor/ censor. select the right point for uncensor. the last 3 lines are for audio . you can choose between korean,chinese and japanese but i dont know which one is which and i do not care because i can not talk japanese,chinese or korean. 😉

  2. dude i have problem with loading i can't log into the game game not responding in loading can't log in
    my os  win 8.1 64bit

  3. Hello, im havin a serious issue.
    I downloaded russian bns .The problem occurs when it has finished installing, I press "start" and it closes immediately after.
    If i try to patch, he asks me "theres no client, want to force the installation in that path?" Even if i select "C:Program Files (x86)PlayBNS" he creates a new folder  " C:Program Files (x86)Blade and Soul ". After he finished to patch, i start the game from the English patcher, it loads a bit and then he closes the game.
    I even tryed to rename the PlayBNS into Blade and Soul but still not working.
    Help me plz

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