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Buffalo Bills 2019 NFL Draft Review

Watch as I review all of the Buffalo Bills 2019 draft picks. We go into depth about each of their skill sets and how they are going to contribute to our team. Let’s get to know all our new Buffalo Bills Players! What would you grade the Buffalo Bills 2019 NFL Draft?

Ed Oliver is the Sauce to our Pasta!



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9 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills 2019 NFL Draft Review

  1. Dude, this was the best Bills Break down I’ve heard and I’ve listened to a ton of them. It was equivalent of JOSH ALLEN HURDLING A LINEBACKER. I had to share this on Twitter, keep it up man. I hope you’re here all season!

  2. Can anyone confirm this – If he led the SEC with yards per catch on third and fourth downs this season and the criteria was at least 10 targets while he only had 15 receptions all year, so that means atleast 10 out of his 15 catches were on the critical third and fourth down?

  3. Great intro song!
    A media guy, I forget who, was talking about the Giants and said that in a few years they will be looking across NY at the Bills with that premier pass rusher, a guy who averages 10 plus sacks a year, and think 'We passed on this guy'.
    Heady stuff.
    This is the second impressive draft by Beane. Owner, coach and GM all on the same page with a great plan that seems to be working. Surrounding our stud QB with great players. Doing all the smart things you want them to do.
    Its like I'm dreaming, is this real?

  4. I like Knox. I have been watching his film and he runs like Josh Allen. Hes good. I dont see how he could have veen drafted wayyy to high….lol hes really good.

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