22 thoughts on “Can a SEVR KILL A CAPE BUFFALO!? Ultimate REAL Broadhead Test! | Bowmar Bowhunting |

  1. Hey man be careful over there. I have a friend who skinned his leg crossing a river and got a flesh eating bacteria in his leg. He lost his leg at the knee. There are more dangers than just the animals. Enjoyed the video. HUNT SAFE.

  2. That is truly impressive. Love your videos. I am a broadhead junkie and these heads have been peaking my interest for a while and this video has now sold me.

  3. That was incredible. Idk about anyone else but I totally thought that it would have stopped and not penetrated the body cavity. Great field test, Josh.

  4. And always listen to your pH there’s a reason why they’re illegal in most places, and there’s a reason why ur pH iwho know more than other hunters , why they don’t like them and don’t use them

  5. 750 grains and didn't get a pass (I like to reuse my arrows and broadheads) through with everything in that broadheads favor. Dead animal not reacting and at broadside shot. I dont think it would beas good if you hit the rib on a quarter away shot. This test should be done at several angles.

  6. While it may be a tough mechanical, if you were to make a poor shot and hit that buffalo in the shoulder, my guess would be that the broadhead would not hold up. Just my thoughts. I don't think that using a mechanical on a buffalo is a very good idea

  7. Does anyone know what brand that bino harness is? I like the s4 bino harness and it's just like that. Unfortunately I can't find the s4 in black anywhere

  8. Just waiting for someone to chime in and say wait a minute the animal was not alive and the muscles weren’t tensed up so penetration test is not valid LOL. Josh you keep doing your thing bro love the channel and support you guys and mechanicals 100%. 😂😂😂

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