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Canon EOS 250D Rebel SL3 review – IN DEPTH!

In-depth review of Canon’s EOS 250D Rebel SL3 DSLR!
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EOS M50 price at B&H:
Filmed with the Sony A6400 and e 24mm:
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22 thoughts on “Canon EOS 250D Rebel SL3 review – IN DEPTH!

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  2. hello. You are between the two models of Canon EOS 77D and Canon EOS 250D which are you suggesting for a beginner and amateur person to buy?

  3. Hey there!

    since I'm traveling a lot I'm highly interested in the GEO-Tagging capability of the Canon 250D. You showed in your video that the camera is able to get the GPS data via bluetooth from a modern smartphone. Did you try it? And if so, how was the result? Did it work reliable? How fast did it achieve the GPS connection after turning on the camera?

    Thanks a lot in advance and cheers from Germany,

  4. Hello Gordon, thanks for this excellent review! I also saw your review of the Sony RX10 IV. I'm looking to move up from a smartphone camera and take up travel photography as a hobby. Would it make sense if I got the more expensive Sony instead of this Canon SL3 or SL2? because to achieve the same kind of zoom on the Canon as the Sony, I'd have to purchase a zoom lens which would then bump up the total cost to maybe more than the all-in-one Sony. Also for vlogging I'm sure there is a way with perhaps some accessories, to overcome the limitations of having just a tilting screen as opposed to a fully articulated screen, yes?
    Another thing is how would you rate Sony's autofocus to that of this Canon's dual pixel? Are they about the same in speed? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. I am gravitating to the RX10 but I also understand that a Mark V maybe be announced in the fall of 2019, so I may wait for that before deciding on my first purchase.

  5. 3:21 – Was the optical viewfinder focus dial (to the right of the viewfinder) adjusted properly, or was the image quality from the viewfinder just that poor?

  6. 10:46 You said 1080p at 60fps, but we don't see it?
    18:40 So, would we be able to get it at a lower price few years from now on the same site you linked us in the description?

  7. Are you able to load custom picture profiles? I'd be very curious to try it out with Technicolor's Cinestyle (developed for the 5D) or one of the third party C-Log look alike picture profiles.

  8. Canons official pdf. spec sheet says this camera gives you 10 bit 4-2-2 hdmi video out put. Could you PLEASE confirm if this is true???

  9. I just bought the sl3.. Ive read the sl3 is better in lower light situations. I'm looking to use this for a beginner base camera for b roll wedding video and indoor real estate. Video. Should I take back and get the m50?? Thanks and I subscribed and live your videos.

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