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Chi Pu | ANH ƠI Ở LẠI – Official M/V (Chuyện Cám Tấm) (치푸) Reaction

Chi Pu | ANH ƠI Ở LẠI – Official M/V (Chuyện Cám Tấm) (치푸) Reaction

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Genre: Jazz
Time: 3:09
Instruments: Piano, Bass, Kit, EP, Flute, Trumpet, Percussion, Guitar
82 BPM (Andante – Medium Speed)

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Song: Leomind – Faded (Vlog No Copyright Music)
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30 thoughts on “Chi Pu | ANH ƠI Ở LẠI – Official M/V (Chuyện Cám Tấm) (치푸) Reaction

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  2. Yes, the singer and the king were getting married. All the scenes of her wearing that extravagant red gown and head piece are of the wedding.

    The reason why the singer's heal was stitched up during the shoe fitting was because she cut off part of her heal so that her foot would be able to fit the shoe.

    From what I know about the olden days in China, small feet is preferred when it comes to picking out brides. That is why the Chinese has a history of foot-binding practices. I don't know for sure if it is the same case for this video, but I would assume so since there wasn't a missing shoe scene.

    The man singing at the end of the video was the guy that held the umbrella for the girls at the beginning. While the main singer was busy chasing after the king, she didn't notice that the king's servant was in love with her. One of the last scene was of the servant opening the curtain of a carriage for the singer. The servant had to watch the women that he was in love with marry someone else.

    By having the servant become the singer at the end of the video creates a parallel between his romantic circumstance and the main character's circumstance.

    I am kind of late to the game, but I hope this provides more clarification for some things.

  3. This song talked about the feeling of the bad girl. They are step sisters in the story. Usually, the fairytale talked about the good girl , the one who was chosen the first time, and nobody talked about the bad girl feeling. She is a human, and she has feeling, too.

  4. The younger sister died ( the older sister killed her ) and turned into the bird then it was killed then turned into the yellow fruit and then turned into the younger sister's body again.
    Actually , in the real story , the younger sister was good person and the older is bad
    But in this song, both of them was good and the reason why the older changed into bad person is because her younger sister was cheated ( trying the shoe)

  5. Tôi không thích xem MV ca nhạc mà cứ quay như thế . Vì reaction đâu phải để xem MV mà còn cảm nhạc để hiểu nữa chứ .

  6. cám chặt cây cau Tấm ngã lộn cổ xuống ao chết, tấm biến thành con chim vàng anh nên vua làm lồng vàng cho chim sống và yêu quý chim hơn người, tấm đốt cả lồng chim và từ đống tro tàn mọc lên hai cây xoan đào, vua thích quá nên mắc võng ngủ cả ngày ở đó. Cám sai người chặt cây làm khung cửi, khung cửi kêu lên tiếng người ai oán, cám sai người đốt khung cửi và đem tro đi xa đổ. chỗ tro tàn mọc lên cây thị và Tấm hiện thân từ quả thị, vua đón Tấm về và Tấm bảo Cám cách tắm trắng bằng nước sôi.Cám chết Tấm sai người lấy xác Cám nhâm muối làm mắm gửi cho mẹ kế ăn. Quạ kêu" ngon ngỏn ngòn ngon mẹ ăn thịt con có còn xin miếng" bà mẹ đuổi con chim đến khi ăn đến đầu lâu Cám thì sợ quá lăn ra chết

  7. hello, i just watched your reaction and … i see you guys are so cute! But in order to understand this MV, you should probably read the Vietnamese fairytale "Tam Cam". This MV is based on the view of Cam villain

  8. I don't mind to watch the whole video like you know why, it makes me a little confuse when it does not play smoothly, some parts have been cut. Others are good, keep working hard on the next video

  9. I know it’s confusing because the story goes too fast. This mv was suppose to be made for vietnamese, who has known the story of “Tấm Cám” before, to enjoy. If you have already known the story, it would be easy to understand. Although the director added some details that don’t belong to the original story, it showed a different perspective of the character “Cám”, who was played by Chi Pu.

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