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COQFIGHTER Review – Honey Ginger Buffalo | BOX PARK Croydon

Here is the Retro Bar Brothers Taste test review on the Honey Ginger Buffalo Burger from Coqfighter Box Park Croydon.

This restaurant specialises in fried chicken burgers and has two other outlets: one in Shoreditch and the other in Soho. Coqfighter started out as a fried chicken night for mates which evolved over time. In 2015 they launched as a pop up in The Star by Hackney Downs. From there they moved on to pop ups and residencies in pubs all over London. They then opened their first tiny site at Boxpark in Croydon with a kitchen no bigger than a cupboard. From there they opened a bigger site in Boxpark Shoreditch which has 28 seats allowing more space for more friends, more chicken and more beer.

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