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Death Stranding Is Getting Review Bombed

Death Stranding released last night at midnight and finally the public could get a chance to play the most polarizing game of the year. The other thing that happened when the game released is the user score section of Metacritic opened, letting users post their own scores even if they haven’t played the game yet.

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38 thoughts on “Death Stranding Is Getting Review Bombed

  1. The issue i have with alot of the user reviews is that they are specifically rating it a 0 because they dislike Kojima. They basically claim that the only reason anyone gives it good reviews is because its Kojima meanwhile theyre giving it a 0 just because its Kojima. If this was some random new developer making their studios first game i guarantee the reviews would be more positive over all than they are now. Maybe some of the perfect scores would be lowered to 8-9s but all those 0s would be non existant and the low end would be like 5s. People should just rate the game based on its own merits whether it be a good or bad review.

  2. I was reluctant. I thought the game looked like bullshit and that’s why they were hiding story / gameplay. Played the game over a weekend and gave it a ton of attention. The game is bullshit, just like I thought it would be, but dam I tried. Garbage ass game.

  3. I rate the game 9.5/10, but I can understand people giving it a 7/10 if they don't like the gameplay loop, but the game is 100% not a game that deserves under 5/10.

  4. Does this mean that any game made by this due it gets famous? Like if he literally makes a game about picking dog shit at the park and throwing it in the trash will people ride his dick and say is an amazing game.

  5. A 0 is a game that won't even boot. 1-3 you can get so far then it crashes and game over. People who do not get or understand what is going on well really do not understand the world.

  6. people are so confused about death stranding.. I'm at chapter 3 and im completely following everything…
    perks of watching too much anime…

  7. Getting review-bombed by the low-iq, no-imagination, fun-hating casuals. What else is new ?

    Oh, Death Stranding ! That's new !

    Holy shit, the last 10-15 years of gaming have been over-saturated with shooters and sports games.

    Kids these days like to use terms like "walking simulator" when it comes to simulation and story-focused games.

  8. Using low effort user reviews as a background to give your words weight is pretty reprehensible. This is like arguing against flat earthers in an effort to sound educated.

  9. I was really hoping death stranding was gonna be a sci fi horror similar to alien isolation or the metro series. So far it looks way too tedious and weird. And if a game does not hook me in the first hour of playing it I am not waiting 5 to 15 hours for it to get good. The game play I've watched does not warrant a day one buy. Maybe if it gets heavily discounted in the future I'll pick it up.

  10. I liked it. I really did but honestly it started to feel like throwing my life away. The story felt really intresting but othervice the game wasn't on par with it. It's weird but the game had too much and too little happening at the same time.

  11. I bought it, played it, and returned it.

    After I returned it, I noticed that It reminded me of my ex. I miss it but I know it’s not good for me. Boring!

  12. you are tthe classic white knight who´s criticizeing the critical critics but still admit that the crtics are right because gameplay is boring and you know it will not change but still say its´wrong ,….. wtf youre like kojima he could not decide if he makes a movie or a game ( and gameplay is shitty)

  13. This bombing i understand, game sucks, it simply isn't fun to play … Which is the only thing good game has to be..
    But astral Chain too? Why? Finished it yesterday and i was pumped for it …

  14. I think the game looks extremely boring, yet at the same time, given who the creator is, and his history with great story writing like the entire MGS series, it kind of intrigues me.
    I have a feeling that it won't be full price for very long, and that's when I'll pick it up. I won't be able to justify spending $80cdn if I end up hating it.

  15. Kojima deserves an award for making this game while building his own company…..but this game doesn't deserve a GOTY award.

  16. If the game had a decent combat system that wouldnt happen, i find this game boring, cant like a game only for a good, game play its a first.

  17. 35-40 hours? I've played for 3 days straight and am still on episode 4 of likr 15 so far. I'd love to see Zelda with this engine & game play. The game is amazing y'all

  18. I'm going to buy and play it, guy said at gamestop I was better off with the new cod and that death stranding had mixed reviews, I always say the same thing for all games, I'll decide if I like it or not, but I have to play it, I don't listen to people who give something based on their opinions, plus I hate call of duty, it bores the hell out of me, so it's up to me to decide for myself 9nce I experience the game.

  19. It is quite a shame that we don't have a way to see only the reviews of the people that actually bought the game. Metacritic's user scores are absolutely useless. I think that if you exclude review bombs this game would get a 8 on the user score because I'm finding hard to believe that anyone who expected heavy action from this game would buy it. Kojima was very clear from the start that this game isn't about fighting, he showed a lengthy portion of gameplay so if you didn't like what you saw why did you buy it? Everyone knew that that's what gameplay is. The answer is simple, this negative reviewers don't own the game. It's sad that we can't get the real score. I for one love the game and I didn't expect anything other than basically a movie with amazing arty visuals and story, and that fine for me. The gameplay mechanics are incredibly deep actually, the gameplay itself is repetitive but it was done purposely to immerse you into the story and the world. It is a game that shows that games can be an art form, so it's more art than a game really. If you like that than you're going to love it, If not then you're for sure going to hate it, just don't act like you're scammed into buying it, Kojima was clear from the start about his vision…

  20. Wasnt sure if i was enjoying the game in episodes 1 & 2. Fell in love with the game in episode 3. Early reviewers likely did not have as much left behind for them by other online players, since the game hadnt even launched yet… death stranding blurs the lines of an experience, video game, and art. It will give you all the feels. The rating of the game depends on your subjective metrics used to rate games…

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