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Ice Lake has been years in the coming, and the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is the first to use Intel’s 10nm processors. The XPS 2 in 1 has been completely redesigned, including a new keyboard and taller screen, plus the webcam is back atop the screen. We went hands on with Dell’s newest XPS ahead of Computex to check it out.

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49 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Hands-On Review: The First Ice Lake Laptop

  1. What features do you love most about this new DELL laptop?

    Read here for more –

  2. It's expensive but the16:10 aspect ratio makes it an almost perfect ultrabook. Would love to see the xps 15 get this 16:10 ratio update.

  3. Just suscribe …although I Haven see a review of the z990 lg gram laptops available since febrery…why since the spec and lightweight and touch…match or outmath other competidores.?

  4. I hate how every single person thinks they are a creator and need a laptop for creators. It's like the new entrepreneur. It's a word which lost its' meaning.

  5. Actually the i3 1005G1 and i5 1035G1 in the XPS have the new GPU architecture (Gen11) in them as well but as a cutdown version with only 32 Eus vs the full 64
    Feel free to correct me if im wrong ^^

  6. How does anyone justify spending this amount of money on a Dell PC when they provide such terrible after-sales and warranty support. If you're spending $2000, you want them to look after the computer when it fails. No one wants to end up with a $2000 brick.

  7. Ordered 2 today – both the i7 1065G7, 16GB LPDDRx 3733, 512GB SSD, 1920×1200 panel (13.4" too small for 4K) along with an extra power brick… One for wife has the white interior and mine has black interior. $1900 per build price – shipping in early September (about a month) – in my experience Dell will ship it sooner than that.

  8. such a shame its a soldered ssd. was really looking forward to this but need to move my own 2TB ssd over to whatever i get new (lots of data for work). lenovo over to you (that or a matebook x pro)

  9. I'll be curious to see what Apple does with the Ice Lake refreshes, but it's increasingly looking like this will be the one to get, especially now that Dell has gone 16:10 on it.

  10. Are you sure the speakers are where you located them to be, and not on the side on the bottom? It would make more sense if they where located there.

  11. Plenty of room for USB3 there on the sides, I see no reason not to include at least one on every laptop for the next few years. Seems like mindlessly following Apples poor decisions to me.

  12. this is probably a dumb question… but after hearing about the spec, ive got to ask… can it handle LIGHT gaming? Id be super happy if this can handle GTA5

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