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  1. Jesus, you've beaten Impmon in your first try. I couldn't until after many frustrating attempts. Yeah, he's meant to be obnoxious with his stun locking fireballs and the unthinkable orb attraction. Fortunately he doesn't have any physical attacks and his fireballs has their cooldown per use. Makes for an irritating oppenent, but unfortunately a joke as a playable. You don't get the attraction and your damage output is very limited.

  2. Pikasprey why do i love hearing you talk so much? Damn dude! You should come to PT on hollydays you'll have a blast we have 0 snow here.

  3. This game honestly looks like so much fun. Reminds me of Sonic Battle on Gameboy Advance. Weird but fun. I just love the spite animation for this game too, it's so expressive and cool to look at. However I've been more of a Pokemon person than Digimon ever since I was little, but now I'm very curious about Digimon. Digimon seems so cool, it's so sad that Digimon doesn't have the level of success like Pokemon does.

  4. I own this game. Randomly saw it one day when I was in a game store and thought,

    "Shit I don't have many Digimon games. Why not?" It's weird but I enjoy this game all the same. I haven't played in in a number of years though since the only systems I have that can play gba games having no working R and L buttons.

  5. 35:54 – By the way, Sukamon's name comes from Scum. I guess the localizers probably didn't get it right, or thought it would be too inappropriate for children or something (I don't actually know how harsh the context of scum is in english, but I know it's used as an insult a lot, so I assume it's probably harsh). But it's technically supposed to be Scumon.

  6. Someone probably already said this, but no, the WonderSwan wasn't released in the west, which is why these games were ported to the GBA when localized.
    The WonderSwan wasn't a flop either, it was decently successful as a kind of cheaper alternative to the Game Boy, and it had some unique things of its own that don't mean much nowadays but was kinda interesting back then.
    It was also created by the creator of the original Game Boy.

    There were a lot of Digimon games for the WonderSwan too by the way, I think this is the first Digimon game to be on a Nintendo console. Anyway, looking at the gameplay here, it reminds me a lot of Jump Ultimate Stars for the DS, but more basic.

  7. Huh, I'd just decided to go back and look at this game myself a few days ago. What a coincidence. I used to play the crap out of this game as a kid.

  8. You should give Digimon Rumble Arena for Ps1 it's a fun little fighter with a wide cast of digimon, I loved playing it as a kid

  9. Should try digimon rumble arena 1 next if you get the chance. Bigger roster than this and it plays more like super smash lol.

  10. You should look into digimon fight on game boy color its a bootleg game but its a way better fighting game than this one or its sequel, since you have health bars and can combo. Plus for a bootleg it looks like they actually made assets not just shoved GBA graphics on GBC like donkey kong 94 did for SNES to SMS.

  11. Pikasprey! To get an Ultimate you need avoid battles, raise you HP to 5000 and…
    Oh wait, wrong game
    (also, missed opportunity to use Renamon click bait)

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