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DJI Digital FPV System | Is it a GAME CHANGER???

Today we take a look at the DJI Digital FPV System. The latest high def (HD) offering in the world of FPV. While the hardware is considered production, the firmware was still prototype at the time this video was made. So expect some minor changes for the production version.

DJI Digital FPV System:
Acrobrat Frame:

In short, flying in HD is AMAZING. And the hardware is FINALLY in a form factor small enough to be practical in most FPV frames available on the market. It’s easy to use, easy to setup, and the controls/integrations are intuitive making the flying experience simple and fun.
The amount of detail that your brain sees can really change the way you fly (you can see more). It seems to handle crashes and impacts without any unwanted tendencies. The HD footage that is captured, while not 4k, is pretty good. The goggles themselves can record up to 720p @ 120fps.
Overall I’m impressed and excited that this technology is finally here in it’s current state. However there is one thing that I don’t like. You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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31 thoughts on “DJI Digital FPV System | Is it a GAME CHANGER???

  1. I havnt seen any videos of this flying in factory or behind dense buildings or in a forest. How does it perform in those situations as analog systems struggle.

  2. So I would this work with a mavic? I’m a fpv pilot but am considering buying a Dji mavic so it would be clutch if it worked for both .

  3. Hey Im beginner in FPV, started about 2 months ago. I would be happy if you like and subscribe to my channel:

  4. I have to wonder if these so called experts know the difference between a Digital and Analog Signal? They make it sound like 1's and 0's are flying through the air! It's still an analog signal it's just the way it's processed.

  5. Wow – super cool, professional editing – incredibly good quality !! Do you have a team for that behind you, or did you do that all by yourself ?!? Congrats !

  6. Damn – when looking at the specs, the CE version is crippled again down from 4km to 0,7km. I am not saying that, because I want to break local RC law, which limits you to 150m height and 500m distance for any RC model including those with video.

    But this crippled Tx system leads to bad quality, believe me !
    I had the same with the CE version of the DJi Spark here in Europe, which shows reception problems even when only 50m above your head.

    Thats BTW why I use the non-EU firmware in my Taranis Tx and FrSky Rx for all my race quads, airplanes, etc..

    I was THIS Close to Order that DJI FOV system – but hey, certainly NOT in Europe with these reduced specs !!!
    Or does it come unrestricted with an initial setup, where I simply can choose country=US to get unlimited performance ???

  7. What kinda frequencies is that thing frying your brain with bolted right to your dome. Hope its not harmful long term.

  8. Paused at 00:59 to post this conjectural guess as to the broad strokes features & functionality. Allows pilot to control drone via gestural head movement, via motion-capture style sensors housed in protrusions from VR goggle set, which likely also contain haptic feedback tech, creating a live flight POV feedback experience extremely analogous to actual aerial body control surface vectoring (as seen in BASE jumping, sky diving, jet boots wing dude… uh… oh yeah, birds.

    Also, probably integrates some form of specialized AI that learns your style and takes over control in critical face-plant evasion scenarios. High speed, millimeter bandwidth signal (5G) facilitates low latency real time bidirectional rich media inter connectivity, while IOT compliant network protocols like IPv6 device UUID enable on the fly cloud recording and live 3rd party stream sharing of drone flight sessions to social platforms.

    Tacit understanding that NSA etc. already has system wide and peruser stealth admin privileges, and can even fly individual units on command, whether owner is midsession or not. Probable active brain wave manipulation add ons are in development, but home office is reticent to green light gen pop end user beta test due to recent publication of historical CIA atrocities. Still… pin in it.

    So how’d I do? Ballpark? Miss anything major?

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